Quercus Homeoapthic remedy

What comes to mind when you think of Quercus?

  • DrTanzin Luhong

    Chronic spleen affection nd antidote fr alcohol badeffects

  • Ismar Pereira Filho

    A remedy for alcohol addiction?

  • Saurav Roy

    It contain tannic acid….causes gastric irritation vomiting

  • Micheline Babin

    That remedie help alcoolic to stop drinking

  • Chris Brancewicz

    complete lack of statistically significant double blind studies, bioavailability assessments, …

  • Archana Vyas

    It reducing craving of alcohol

  • Clare Considine

    Reducing cravings for alcohol

  • Jeki Oza

    Remedy for spleen…But i ven’t used it.So pls let me know