(A product of Sepsis) The Materia Medica of the Nosodes.By Henry Clay ALLEN, M. D.

A nosode always should take in consideration the miasm behind the symptoms, Pyrogen should be used in sapremia or septicemia : puerperal or surgical ; from ptomaine or sewer gas infection ; during course of diphtheria, typhoid or typhus ; when the best selected remedy fails to > or permanently improve.

Pyrogen has large flaby tongue with difficulty of articulation, fiery red, cracked, with sweetish taste and terribly bad breath. Fever,
Diarrhea horribly offensive brown or black ; painless, involuntary ; uncertain, when passing flatus (Aloe, Olean.).
Constipation : with complete inertia (Op., Sanic.) ; obstinate from impaction; stool, large, black, carrion like ; small, black balls, like olives (Op., Plb.).

Pulse abnormally rapid, out of all proportion to temperature (Lil.).
Skin : pale, cold of an ashy hue (Sec.) ; obstinate, varicose, offensive ulcers of old persons (Psor.).
Chill : begins on the back, between scapulae ; severe, general, of bones and extremities ; marking onset of septic fever ; temperature 103 to 106 ; heat sudden, skin dry and burning ; pulse rapid, small, wiry, 140 to 170 ; cold clammy sweat follows.
In septic fevers, especially puerperal, Pyrogen has demonstrated its great value as a homeopathic dynamic antiseptic.

Antidote : Nux vomica for the agg. from over-action of a single dose or for bad effects of repeated doses ; Rhus, Eup. per. for the aching, restlessness and bone pains.
Compatible : Arn., Bap., Rhus, Eup. Per.

constipation, hard black balls. Nit. ac., Sec., thin, offensive lochia. Phos.,
Aggravation : motion, moving the eye ; in a warm room ; rising from lying or sitting up (cough relieved by sitting up ; < by lying down, Clarke).
Amelioration : heat, hot bathing or drinking hot water ; binding affected part tightly ; stretching out limbs ; walking. changing position.

Mind (Pyrogenium) is with great anxiety, and restlessness, cannot sleep, active during the night, writes and makes speeches, delirious , sees a man at foot of bead, feels as one person is lying on left side and another lying on right side, hallucinates weariness after fever, with increased buoyancy of spirits, although he felt ill, irritable, loquacious, speaks and thinks faster than ever, feeling as if body covers the whole bed, feels the head on the pillow but not the rest of the body, has muttering delirium which sets in early, leading to unconsciousness and death. The signs of infection and horror, delirium, stupefaction

Skin : pale, cold of an ashy hue (Sec.) ; obstinate, varicose, offensive ulcers of old persons (Psor.).

Parts greatly swollen (Bright's disease).
Puerperal fever, with offensive lochia (cured).
Puerperal peritonitis with extreme fetor ; a rotten odor.
Septicemia following abortion ; fetus or secundines retained, decomposed and horribly offensive.
Severe chill ; dull frontal headache ; restless, pale, anxious.
Sharp shooting pains through abdomen.

Cough : expectorating large masses of phlegm from larynx ; by motion ; sitting up, < lying down.
Expectoration : rusty mucus ; horribly offensive ; bloody sputa.
Wheezing when expiring.
Chest (Pyrogenium)
Chest sore, purple spots on it.
Ecchymoses on pleura (dog).




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