Psora nosode
The sero Purulent matter of a scabies vesicle (Hahnemann)
“Psora sicca” (epidermoid efflorescence of pityriasis), Gross
The salt from a product of Psora used by Hering,

Clarke J.H. Dictionary of Practical Materia Medica
specially suited to:
1. Scrofulous, nervous, restless persons who are easily startled.
2. Psoric constitutions, lack of reaction after severe diseases.
3.Complains of psoric origin, patients emit a disagreeable odor,
4. pale, sickly delicate children,
5.Peevish, un healthy-looking children, who have a disagreeable
odor about them.
6. Dirty people in whom the body has a filthy smell which no amount of washing can remove.
7. Those subject to diseases of the glands and skin, and who have had eruptions suppressed.

Chief key note:
lack of vital reaction, prostration after acute disease, depressed, hopeless, night-sweats. Hopelessness,
despair of perfect recovery is part of the lack of reaction, emaciation and foul body odor.

Foulness may be considered the second key note. eruptions offensive discharge, otorrhea is offensive, diarrhea
is profuse, watery, dark brown, or black putrid like carrion.
Eruptions disappear in summer and reappear in cold weather.
Violent itching, agg. by warmth of bed or by scratching.
Psorinum is melancholic, has religious melancholy and epilepsy hypochondriasis, eruptions on head, affections of scalp, necrosis of temporal bone, amaurosis, serous choroiditis, Pustular keratitis, inflammation of eyes, otorrhea, hay fever.
Chronic catarrh of nose, eruptions on face, toothache, gastric disturbance, diarrhea, Cholera infantum, constipation gonorrhea, chronic blennorrhea of urethra, condylomata of prepuse, inguinal hernia, hydrocele, amenorrhea and pediculi corporis, breat cancer, asthma and cough, hydrothorax boil on hand, sensation as if foot were pulled inward, debility, sleplessness, morbid sweats, Female Pregnancy congestions, foetus moves too violently, abdomen tympanitic nausea, vomiting, obstinate cases.

Mammae swollen, painful redness of nipples, burning around them.

Antidoted by COFFEA, Complementary after, Psorin, in vomiting of pregnancy; after Arn in effects of blow on ovary
Sulphur after Psorin in mammary cancer.
Psorinum suits well if sulphur and Calc has not worked
The difference between Psorinum and Sulph, is that Psorinum patient is extremly chily, Sulphur is hot.

Dr. Mathur K.N. Systematic Materia Medica of Hom. Remedies.
1. infants pale delicate, sickly restless, troublesome, screaming all night, body and stools with filthy odor.
2. Children with a history of eczema in the family suffer from enuresis, suffer from vesical paresis, worse during full moon, eczema of scalp, oozing a sticky offensive fluid or suppurating eruptions. ABNORMAL appetite, craving for acids and indigestible things.
3. Girls; acne all forms simplex, rosacea, worse during menses, from coffee, fats, sugar meat, hair becomes frowsy and tangled, cannot be combed.
4. women: obstinate vomiting during pregnancy, debility during climacteric
5. Anxious patients, fearful, full of despair, despondent
chilly, ears a fur cap even in summer, worse before and during
a thunder storm, hungry in the middle of the night, must have
something to eat, extremely sensitive to cold air.
SPECIFIC REMEDY FOR: 1. Catalepsy from worms. 2. Ailments
from suppressed itchy eruptions, diarrhea, epilepsy, asthma,
3. Recurrent tonsillitis from exposure to cold, hypertrophic
tonsillitis with hardness of hearing. 4. Headache from suppressed
menses, preceded by flickering before eyes, dimness of vision
or blindness, by black spots or rings.
5. Lack of appetite after typhoid fever.
CONTRA-INDICATIONS. Psorinum should not be given for psora
or psoric diathesis but like every other remedy upon a strict individualization of the totality of the symptoms (Allen)
Give one doze 200C to highest potencies,
Duration of action: 30 to 40 Days. Clarke
Relationships: Complementary to Sulphur, Tuberculinum
Hahnemann’s Miasmatic Group: Anti psoric.
psorinum corrects the psoric diathesis of the unborn,
Aggravation in cold, open air, change of weather, storms,
periodical, winter, warmth of bed, hot sun shine, drinking coffee.
Amelioration Warm room, lying down with arms apart,
profuse seating.

by Beatriz H Hill, Medicina Homeopática Behhill.




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