In PSORIASIS the first influence of ARSENIC is to make the eruptions redder and more inflamed. This fact, if not known, would lead to the suspension of the medicine just when it commenced to do good; at the same time, it is unnecessary to give it in doses sufficiently large to do this.
Dr. Ringer




  1. Yes. Psoriasis harder one. Very early stages it may be cured when treated classic method. But any abuse of medicines makes it worse and I can say difficult cure. I myself has observed nearly 60 cases including me with different nature. The causes also different. All the 60 cases I observed are chronic and treated by various methods including homeopathy. But there are very good remedies in homeopathy which works constitutionally and manage the problem in better way. Still cure a question mark

  2. A friend was diagnosed with psoriasis but it turned out to be an autoimmune disorder called Discoid Lupus, which is an attack of the skin. Would this remedy help?

  3. Yeah, always low and slow in skin afflictions so as not to cause a big aggravation.

  4. With Tinea Versicolor is similar, but general homeopathic approach is same, if we practice classical and so to speak Hahnemannian homeopathy. It is always a possibility to cure completely and homeopathy allows to us countless possibilities. Of course, the homeopath has to know what she/he does. I cured my husband completely from severe headaches and some other problems but Tinea Versicolor is still present. And when he jokes with me and says: what a doctor you are when I still have this, I answer: okay, I cannot cure everything, you don’t suffer from much bigger symptoms, something you have to put up with.:)

  5. From my personal experience with psoriasis: first eruptions appeared in the puberty and as the time passed, it was gradually worse and worse, with usual periods of improvement during summer and agg. in winter. When I started with homeopathic treatment (due to other problems, not psoriasis) it took years of treatment so that the changes on the skin withdrew. Not completely, because I have one single place on my body where it appears sometimes, but it is wonderful because I was convinced that I will live with psoriasis forever. But, although Ars was my first remedy, I’ve been taking for years other remedies also. Now I usually say that psoriasis is left as collateral damage. I agree with Ashok Kumar Rath – very difficult to handle.

  6. I completely cured mine on my scalp years ago, with one dose of psorinum 200c never came back~~ 🙂

  7. The beauty of homeopathy is it brings conditions to a head quicker, then it can get better!

  8. Very critical disease to handle,espacially when associated with rheumatic arthritis.but if such a patient will be handled by classical homeopath who strongly believes and practices it ethical (single remedy in potency form or i may say according to the philosophy pronounced by dr.hannemann,father of the homeopathic science)way then the result must be encourageing…..


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