Gain 10 Pounds in 4 Weeks Drinking Protein Shakes

Protein shakes

The development of diet additives began with tasks to assist in the body mass reduction. They do flourish now and you can find numerous websites packed with Lipozene information or reviews on miscellaneous pills and shakes designed to fight against fat. However, in the course of the progress, the direction was changed and people wanted supplements to promote the weight increase. One would be surprised since why anyone needs an additive to grow the fat volume in the body. In the world of sports nutrition, gain in weight means the development of musculature rather than the accumulation of fat.

A protein shake is a multifunctional merchandise because it is widely used for both tasks of weight management. Today, our attention is drawn to mass gaining properties of this drink. Some would say that the goal of 10lbs in a month is a fancy and impossible achievement unless a user takes some hormonal or synthetic substances. Nevertheless, we will try to convince the readers that a proper approach in terms of nutrition can be rather fruitful.


Raise Calories

In the endeavors to add the body mass, the first thing one should begin with is daily rate of kcal. Your daily need in calories is simple to calculate according to the following equation. One pound of your weight equals a bit more than 20 kcal. Let’s take 22. For example, the scales show 155lbs. After the multiplication of both values, we obtain 3410 kcal per day.

Most of you will be glad to see this value and run at pizzas and sausages to comply with the requirement. However, you should distinguish calories from unhealthy and wholesome foods. So, make sure to opt for lean beef or eggs instead of roast chicken and bagels.

Building Material for Musculature

Since we began to talk about healthy foods, the major accent in your diet should be made on rich-in-protein products. Let’s perform another calculation to find out how much of this nutrient you need. At the rate of 2g of protein per one pound of body mass, we get 310g per day. It is probably the twofold rate of your current protein intake. Hence, to comply with this requirement, you can choose a decent auxiliary source of protein like powder or shake. This element is especially important since your efforts at workouts and training sessions will be senseless without proper nourishing of muscles.

Muscular Activity

Obviously, all your nutrition amendments will bring undesirable effect if your muscular activity is not corresponding. It means that high results require a serious approach to exercises. You can just follow a regular training program. Actually, you can but forget about 10lbs in a month. If the goal is set, be ready to work hard to achieve it. Nevertheless, the workout intensity should be increased gradually to avoid injuries or traumas.

 Carbs and Fat

Some suppose that the growth of brawn requires only one ingredient namely protein. However, you should not exclude other essential elements of your daily nutrition. In fact, an amount of carbohydrates per day is equal to the rate of the core nutrient. Hence, if you aim at 310g of protein, make sure to supply the same rate of carbs to the body. Such volumes of fat are not necessary but it must be present. Olive oil and versatile nuts will be a good source of this nutrient.