Homeopathic philosophy by Hahnemann

“First, do not harm”, First we have to start with ourself
than we can share it with others, if we do not take care, and we are constantly eating the wrong way, not sleeping enough, living in a hurry,or not loving ourseves we get sick. the excess.Aphorism # 77
My Dear Mr. X- :
” It is true that I am going to Hamburg, but that need not trouble you. If you do not grudge the few groschen a letter will cost you can still have my advice when I am there. Merely write my name, and Hamburg beneath it, and your letter so addressed will find me.
” For the present I must say that you are on the fair road to health, and the chief sources of your malady cut off. One source still remains, and it is the cause of your last relapse. Man (the delicate human machine) is not constituted for overwork, he cannot overwork his powers or faculties with impunity.
If he does so from ambition, love of gain, or other praiseworthy or blameworthy motive, he sets himself in opposition to the order of nature, and his body suffers injury or destruction.
All the more if his body is already in a weakened condition ; what you cannot accomplish in a week you can do in two weeks. If your customers will not wait they cannot fairly expect that you will for their sakes make yourself ill and work yourself to the grave, leaving your wife a widow and your children orphans.
It is not only the greater bodily exertion that injures you, it is even more the attendant strain on the mind, and the overwrought mind in its turn affects the body injuriously. If you do not assume an attitude of cool indifference, adopting the principle of living first for yourself and only secondly for others, then there is small chance of your recovery.
Men you are in your grave men will still be clothed, perhaps not as tastefully, but still tolerably well.
” If you are a philosopher you may become healthy, you may attain to old age. If anything annoys you give no heed to it ; if anything is too much for you have nothing to do with it ; if any one seeks to drive you go slowly and laugh at the fools who wish to make you unhappy. What you can do comfortably that do ; what von cannot do don’t bother yourself about.
“Our temporal circumstances are not improved by overpressure at work. You must spend proportionately more in your domestic affairs, and so nothing is gained. Economy, limitation of superfluities (of which the hard worker has often very few) place us in a position to live with greater comfort- that is to say, more rationally, more intelligently, more in accordance with nature, more cheerfully, more quietly, more healthily.
Thus we shall act more commendably, more wisely, more prudently, than by working in breathless hurry, with our nerves, constantly overstrung, to the destruction of the most precious treasure of life, calmly happy spirits and good health.




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