please meet the Homeopathy Idol of the week,

IDOL: please meet the Homeopathy Idol of the week,

the CEO of Bahola Healthcare and Laboratories,
and founder of the ├óÔé¼┼ôI Love Homeopathy├óÔé¼┬Ø facebook page,
Sir Kartik Raghava Murthy.

He is an intelligent and dedicated Homeopath advocate, who is active in bringing Homeopathy awareness to public, and as well by organizing educational seminars. Mr. Murthy is the managing director of Bahola, which is the oldest South Indian manufacturer of high quality Homeopathic medicine. In this regard he says: ├óÔé¼┼ôEnsuring quality calls for dedication and hard discipline, the two basic principles├óÔé¼┬Ø.

Salutations to Kartik Raghava Murthy for his great devotion!




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