please meet the Homeopath Idol of the week,


IDOL: please meet the Homeopath Idol of the week,

Dr. Manoj Patel, an intelligent Homeopath of modern time, who dedicated his career in conducting educational seminars, and as well to help ill people in rural areas. He is the coordinator of Rural Health Services of Dr. Dhawale Memorial Trust, since 1992.

Dr. Patel is managing Adivasi Charitable Homeopathic Dispensaries, Community Health Worker Training Programme and Mobile Homeopathic Health Services in the Tribal areas in India. He is also responsible for the commencement of the Homeopathic Cottage Hospital in Bhopoli, serving the Tribal regions since 2002. He has been very active in setting up Community Health Programmes using Homeopathy as the principal treatment modality.

I had the privilege of meeting Dr. Manoj Patel and his wonderful wife, and was amazed to learn about his case-taking skills and humanitarian projects.

We salute Dr. Manoj Patel for all his great efforts and dedications!




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