Dr. Proceso Sanchez Ortega (1919 – 2005)


Please meet honourable Dr. Proceso Sanchez Ortega (1919- 2005), Mexican Homeopath, who was an expert on Miasms. He was a teacher at the Free School of Homeopathy in Mexico for more than two decades. In 1950 he founded the journal of “Homeopathy in the World”. In 1958 he was awarded Hahnemannian Medal at the World Congress of Homeopathy in Brazil for his remarkable contributions. He was president of the Second National Congress of Homeopathy in 1960, and chief organizer of the Second World Congress in Rio de Janeiro. He authored hundreds of articles and many books, which have been translated into at least seven different languages. One of his famous books is called Notes on the Miasms.In this photo we have Dr. Ortega on the right side, standing next to Dr. Diwan Harish Chand (from India), in the 1981 International Congress of Homeopathy in Rome.





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