Platina Homeopathy

What comes to mind when you think of PLATINA?

  • Mehak Naz

    Proudly nd wild mind pyscho nd over confedenc

  • Alexei Cercasin

    Good sex 😉

  • Shona Sherson

    Delusion that she is Tall.

  • Anjum Hanif

    vaginismus I think

  • Ashwani Parihar K

    #Superiority complex #

  • Elsje Winnubst

    Theatrical. Love creating an effect. Sunglasses everywhere. Mouth pulled to the right side. Other remedies have the haughtiness but Platina must go to the top and feel others are giving them special treatment. It’s not enough to have the attention of a minion. it must be the one who is in power!! Can be contemptuous if not served “properly”. Delusions of grandeur and messiah complex at the the extreme level. Psycho sexual problems can be at the root of sx. Mentals a alternate with physical.

  • Priyanka Palve

    Arrogant, haughty, egoistic, affectation

  • Pranjal Lodha Chhajed

    Feeling of platina that she is Superior than others…..

  • Nittur Guruprasad

    Looking down of others and thinking she always knowledgable and right than others. Preferably I treated women with this symptoms and got good results.

  • Venkatesan RK

    Head weight – looks all small – over proud

  • Girija Chari

    Superior ity complex

  • Nida Khan

    key note of platina?

  • Nasir Ali

    Paralysis, pain and spasms

  • Ismar Pereira Filho

    People who feel superior to all others. Their attitude is: “I’m the man!”

  • André Luiz Frare

    Woman searching the family ‘s approval to feel valued

  • Kim Kalina

    Female hormones gone wild.

  • Ruth Berle Jones

    Delusion is taller than everybody around them.