Picric acid

If mental shock arises from death of a near relative, followed by langour, lassitude, or exhaustion, think of  PICRIC ACID.
Dr. Wallace

  • drskvashisht

    ilovehomeopathy FRIENDS KEEP SMILING IN 2016 my Good wishes and Happy New year

  • Naveen Basavarajaiah

    what about …Ignatia..?

  • Pick Homoeopathy (or, if you insist ‘Homeopathy’)

    If it’s got hair fall I would look at Phosphoricum acidum, but it’s best to see a professional homeopath for something like this. All the Best!

  • DrSMSharma

    ilovehomeopathy Thanks for sharing this tip with all..

  • Pk Lovell

    One death after another ,depression of all of this,and mental as well as physical exhaustion my teeth are all going bad,and my hair is falling out will this help in any way

  • Elsje Winnubst

    Now! We have Picric Acid. I would give that after a very long time of exhaustion and lassitude and differentiate with Phosphoric Acid. I have had success with P A in grieving for relation ships …and in students after gruelling studies and the end of academic year.

  • Hassina Uzunova

    Try with Phosphorus.

  • Rochelle Marsden

    Phos ac is the one I have had success with :-Mind; anger; ailments from, agg.; grief, with silent: (29) ACON, alum, am-m, ars, aur, aur-ar, aur-m-n, bell, BRY, carc, CHAM, CHIN, COCC, COLOC, GELS, hyos, IGN, ip, LYC, nat-c, NAT-M, nux-v, PH-AC, phos, plat, puls, STAPH, verat, ZINC,

  • Kam K Malhi

    it has to be ignatia to start with

  • Imran Ali

    Its been six yrs how it can be sir ..medicine plz

  • Elisa Lottor

    I always think of Ignatia

  • DrAnant Saliya

    May be you are HOMESICK…
    Then ur med will be different

  • Imran Ali

    Mujhe yahi bimari hai too much love with my mom thinks always if she dies if she dies since 6yrs.lekin koi medicine kam nahi karta b coz I am in ksa is liye main decide kiya hoo ke main back to home chala jaon ho sakta hai ghar jane ke bad main theek ho jaon ..plz help

  • Prem Kumar Jain

    I prefer GELSEMIUM 1M one dose only.

  • DrAnant Saliya

    How it differe from IGNATIA
    Why not IGN ??

  • Georgia Danielson