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P: Perspiration has the odor of Sulphur. Placing hands in warm water results in nausea, putting hands in cold water, sneezing and coryza. People often young who grow too rapidly, are inclined to stoop, chlorotic and anemic. Painless, copious debilitating diarrhoea. Post operative vomiting.

H: Haemorrhagic and Tubercular diathesis.

O: Over sensitiveness of all senses. Susceptible to all external impressions: Light, noise, odor, touch, electrical changes, thunderstorms.

S: Swelling of both eye lids, stoop shouldered. Spine, burning in spots between the scapulae. Small wounds bleed profusely, ( Kreos, Lach), from every mucus outlet due to haemorrhagic diathesis. Swelling and necrosis of the lower jaw, (Amph, Hecla).

P: Prostration with nervous debility and trembling. Pain: acute especially in the chest aggravation from pressure, in inter costal spaces and lying on left side ( Dros, Stan),excited by slightest chill, open air intolerable. Pneumonia worse lying on the left side.

H: Heat running up the back. Heaviness of the chest as if a weight were lying on it. Hair falls out in bunches, baldness of single spots, dandruff falls out in clouds ( Lyco). Hearing difficult especially to human voice.

O: Old people with morning diarrhoea, as if anus wide open.

R: Restlessness is another characteristic, patient moves continuously, cannot stand still for a moment, fidgety feeling. Regurgitation of ingesta in mouthful, (Alum).

U: Unwillingness to converse, study, disinclination to both mental and physical exertion.

S: Sensation of empty all gone sensation in head, chest, stomach and abdomen especially at 11 AM like sulphur. Short cat naps refreshing. Stomach longs for cold foods and drinks, juicy refreshing things, ice creams which ameliorates gastric pains. Stomach throws out water as soon as it becomes warm in the stomach.

Aggravation: Touch; physical or mental exertion; twilight; warm food or drink; change of weather, from getting wet in hot weather; evening; lying on left or painful side; during a thunderstorm; ascending stairs.

Amelioration: in dark, lying on right side, cold food; open air; washing with cold water; sleep.




  1. PHOSPHORUS 10M saved my life after being poisoned by organophosphate pesticides (Dursban brand) spilled and misused in our home. Within one hour, the fluid in my lungs cleared and other symptoms of this known nerve poison began to recede. My Homeopath literally saved my life after allopathic physicians kept treating me with toxic drugs, never properly diagnosing this near death exposure in spite of it’s classic signs

  2. She was given one dosage, one time, of a 200c. She went through a healing crises -detox. So she got worse before better. But within a month she had coughed up unimaginable vile stuff from her lungs and she was healed. It radically changed her life. She went from couch potato with antibiotics and inhaler to running track…..her bro. was also healed of same stuff but his was a different remedy because his symptoms fit Tub. Every kid is different, requiring different remedies

  3. Hi, how long did it take your kid to cute from asthma? Was it a dry dose of LM? Thank you

  4. Great to info. Thank you. Phosphorous Is such a comprehensive remedy. They are effervescent, gregarious, social. Love company. Need it when anxious. Never look sick when they are… too dynamic. Love variety, bright colours. Intuitive clairvoyant intellectual. Could be just as introvert as they are extrovert because they spread themselves thinly. Then withdraw. Lovers of art and beautiful objects. Poets, writers, and composers are often phosphorus. They become anxious easily as they are very impressionable. Nervous people who shouldn’t look up sx on Google! They imagine the worst. However they are easily persuaded and encouraged about their health. Less passive than Staphyasagria. 2 good analogies are; champagne bubbles and a flaring match. They can be very explosive but seem incapable of holding a grudge.
    So just a few mental and emotional sx from tutoring I’ve done and cases I’ve taken. Which may be illuminating. It is a wonderful deep constitutional remedy.

  5. …..cured our kid from chronic pneumonia and asthma. And she fit the description exactly; she grew too fast, very tall, lean, tends to stoop, fair coloring.

  6. I absolutely love this rx.It helped my son recover from ” autism”. And it has saved two of my teeth from a root canal…I love phosphorus:-)


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