PHILOSOPHY-Samuel Hahnemann

  1. PHILOSOPHY – Christian Friederich Samuel Hahnemann
  2. Hahnemann saw in the body but an organism made up of material particles in themselves dead, but vivified and embodied and adapted to the real, living man, the spirit within. The connection

    between the immaterial, spiritual and immortal being, and the body is supposed by him to be effected by means of the vital force which he designates Dynamis. We have then, in Hahnemannian physiology, (1) the spirit, the true man, (2) the material body, receiving its life and health through (3) the vivifying vital force, the dynamis. From this conception follows the pathological deduction that the disturbance of the harmonious play of life, manifesting itself in symptoms affecting the functions and sensations which we call disease, is a disturbance of this same vital force or dynamis. This Dynamis differs from the material body in being of a more subtle quality and Hahnemann defines it, in contradiction of the material gross-ness of the body as “spirit-like”. The vital force is active throughout the body, is the immediate cause of every functional activity, of all bodily growth. It is the formative force of the organism, is in fact the inner form which controls the molecular, chemical and mechanical processes, and uses them for its own purposes. Immaterial, hence beyond the penetration of the keenest sense or most powerful microscope, or the X ray. The vital force is the intermediate agent between the spirit and the body, enabling the spirit to dwell for a time in its material bodily clothing. Hahnemann’s dynamis or vital force is not, therefore, the very seat of life, but only the connecting medium between the rational spirit, the true living man and the outer material covering by which man takes cognizance of this material world and its plane of external life. The Genius of Homeopathy
    Lectures and Essays on Homeopathic Philosophy
    By Dr Stuart M. CLOSE Chapter XVII -Six edition-Organon
    by Beatriz Hernandez Hill




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