PHILOSOPHY, James Tyler Kent


James Tyler Kent, New Remedies, Clinical Lesser Writings writes: What perplexing problems we often meet in practice! How we crave, at times, the advice of a master mind! We are so often the victims of prejudice, over-confidence or ignorance, and our patients suffer in consequence of this. Could we but understand the intricate laws governing the inner man, disease, and remedies, how much more wisely might we adjust ourselves to the far-reaching problems which endanger the life of a father, a mother, a noble son or an affectionate daughter. We would ot then, as is so often done, impede or pervert the action of a carefully selected remedy by our impatience to get results, or by our impetuosity in hastening certain conditions which will not be hastened, or by our ignorance in so quickly changing remedies before one of them has had time for define action.




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