Health and Exercise

In his book a Model of Health…..wrote:
“The relation of the human being with the universe.”

Man lives in the universe as an integrated part of it.
By the fact, the individual exists and interacts with the
enviroment throughout his capacity to interchange energy
with him.
Human beings are connected inseparately with his immediate
enviroment and an outer one in different manners.
A. Throught the food.
B. Throught the air we inhale
C. Throught his exposure to sun light.
D. Throught the temperature of the earth
E. Throught the energy interchange with the universe

What it is difficult to understand actually, is the notion that our
existence depends entirelly of our capacity to interchange energies
with our enviroment without restrictions, and that this interchange
is absolutely necesary for the pursue of life on this earth
This aspect, even though is very important for our existence and
wellness, has been completely ignored in our search for health.
I am sure you will understand that in order that this interchange
of energy takes place, we should have all the necessary receptors
and this should be in good conditions to accomplish this sutil
and complex work.




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