PHILOSOPHY – Douglas Borland,
Some emergencies of General Practice.
I think emergencies are of one’s greatest difficulties when
beginning to practice HOMEOPATHY.
In an acute emergency one has to do something immediately,
we cannot spend time hunting for a drug.
They fall into two groups 1. the patient who is dying, 2. the patient who is in great pain or the two combined and 3. is the case
medical or surgical? Here your general medical skill comes in,
in the other two types it is a question of homeopathic knowledge.
The simplest way to group the dangerous cases from a drug
point of view is to look on them under three headings:
1. The cases with acute cardiac failure
2. the case in which there is a gradual cardiac failure with
a tendency to dilatation
3. the case of acute cardiac attack of the anginous type.
The dangerous cases usually resolve themselves into a question of cardiac failure in one form or another, I think from the homeopathic standpoint one can tackle these cases of incipient cardiac failure very satisfactorily.
Beatriz H Hill




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