“By mentioning simple drugs, their principal uses and their medicinal properties, I am departing from the practice of many recent authors who omit this as though such information were useless or even injurious to the apothecary,┬ábecause it favours the practice of counter-prescribing.
A short note of the uses of drugs could not be the means of causing apothecaries who had a proper sense of the dignity of the calling to indulge in unauthorized practice. They would not degrade the position of the apothecary upon whose integrity depends life and health.
A short notice of the use of a drug is useful to the apothecary, since he will be much more likely to remember the dry description of the remedy if it be impressed on his memory through its medical properties, whereby it ceases to be indifferent to him, but on the contrary, becomes more interesting and worthy of his attention. Things, the use of which we do not know are indifferent to us, they interest us as little as the mere letters of a word, the sense of which we have forgotten. An indication of their utility, gives us an interest in the knowledge of their history.”
~ Dr. Hahnemann




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