Tincture made of the fresh root
Known for generations of Khoi/San descendants and Xhosa
traditional healers for it health-giving properties in curing
stomach ailments, dysentery, blood stools and like, This species
of pelargonium is indigenous to the Eastern Cape, of South
Africa a Zulu medicine, and grows wild sending out
bulbous roots deep into the ground, and its active ingredients
are in the bitter tasting root of the plant.
It is used also by the mahometans, triturating the roots and
they boil it with milk. A lot of British soldiers were treated at
the Boer war with this remedy. It is also good for purge for
horses, giving them a piece of the root and as they bite it
and the juice mixes with the saliva works wonders for the animal.
Can be used for detoxing the body, for hangover headache.
Waterbone shigellosis, and other stomach ailments.
BeatrizHH for ILH 31-1-11




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