Passer domesticus
By Lip Kee Yap (Flickr: House Sparrow (Passer domesticus indicus)) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

House sparrow:

Lives in close contact with man- most sociable of birds they congregate and play together. They like company of their own kind, and they make their nest near human company.

Restless energy, that links to the nature of birds (observe birds) need to keep doing something to feel ok, or they become bored with a tendency of irritation. There is calmness and peacefullness and a hability to remove oneself from the world and its turbulence. In the sparrow there is a particular sense of growing old wich contradicts the youth exuberance of the bird.

Sparrow regarded as a bird of love and is one of the most sexually active birds. can become violent behavior. Demands to be honored and respected, to be valued and of being hampered by not being honored, respected or valued. And that is found in their dreams.

For birds remedies it is important to understand their nature, so they have food disorders. the family or groups of friends, certain pains are common in all bird remedies like stitching pain in right eye, pain lower limbs, or arms.Fluttering sensation as of too much energy and that is why flutters. Desire for family groups, desires babies, increased hunger, but even they work hard, they want to be left alone.

The sparrow has a fear to loosing wife to a more attractive man.




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