Aconitum napellus

Acute local and especially congestive inflammations, with great erethism of the nerves and the vascular system, violent fever, the pains appearing intolerable.

Congestion, especially of the chest, heart and head, arising from plethora.

Inflammation of the serous membranes.

Neuralgia, rheumatism and arthritis, accompanied with stinging pains, or with a lame and numb feeling in the affected parts, violent intolerable pains and great nervousness.

External and internal dry heat of the affected parts.

Great sensitiveness of the affected parts to contact and movement.

Pains as if bruised.

Paroxysms of pain, with thirst and redness of the face.

Various affections consequent upon fright and chagrin, especially in females, during the catamenia.

Aconitum is particularly suitable to persons with bright redness of the cheeks, especially young girls of a plethoric habit, disposed to rushes of blood, lively, nervous, irritable, leading a sedentary life.

Wine and other heating substances renew the pains.

The pains are particularly intolerable at night and disappear for the most part when sitting. — Many of the symptoms appear in the evening or early in the morning, and frequently diminish in the open air.

Complaints arising from a cold, Especially from the effects of dry and cold weather, from a current of air.

Upon entering the room symptoms set in which disappear again in the open air. The nervous phenomena, the lameness and the phenomena of venous congestion disappear again in the open air, during movement, by the use of wine and coffee, and. return again in the warm room and in rest. The rheumatic symptoms, the inflammatory symptoms of the chest, and the acute febrile symptoms abate in the warm room and in rest, or they disappear even entirely, but they are aggravated by movement in the open air, and by drinking wine or vinegar. In the evening all the symptoms are worse. Many of the symptoms recur with regular intermissions. Most of the symptoms are accompanied by chilliness, shivering and anxiety.