Pain of Cancer

Pain of Cancer

MAG PHOS can relieve the excruciating pain of cancer.
Dr. Hesselton

  • Clare Considine

    Helpful for palpitations, 6x

  • Jawaid Mallick

    Thandy mati pay kam karna thanday pani sey neahana aur sard havaun. Ka lagna

  • DrBharat Joshi

    That’s nothing but a cheap publicity of their commercial medical practice. .!!

  • DrBharat Joshi

    Nice this type of information can be helpful to the learning students & patients too…
    Some Doctors? ??? Puts only photo of the signs only that is given in books too they should know how to be useful for the patient by putting this type of information. ….

  • Anjum Hanif fill this and find your remedy a/c to symptoms

  • Anjum Hanif

    there are many like colocynth break stone, nux, apis , sulphur

  • Mohammad Imran Khan

    kidney stone medicine except Burbrus???? burbrus is not working on my case,

  • Anju Gupta

    Medicine for carpal tunnel syndrome

  • Ramnik Singh Mamik

    It is very good for a back ache!

  • Abdul Rafay

    Are. Album in 1M potency also is the best