In his Cancer and Cancer Symptoms Cooper has published this case

George M., 40, who was suffering from cancer of the stomach, and was operated on in the Cancer Hospital. The operation was abandoned on account of the numerous adhesions, and because it was impossible to remove all the diseased tissue. Cooper saw him first on July 22, 1898, and found him writhing in agony on his bed, unable to keep anything long on his stomach; > by warm foods, by warm food, .

Legs and feet go to sleep on sitting.─Creepy feeling in legs keeps him awake at night.─Right leg felt bruised and sore; later, angry and red.─Legs swollen, great red streaks and patches coursing along them.─Legs and feet swollen, preventing walking.

Gets cold before the pains.─Feels a pressure in every nerve of the body, sometimes in one part, sometimes in another, with pain across chest, sometimes after food, sometimes at night, and sometimes on an empty stomach.─Restlessness on account of creepy feeling in feet; cannot sit still; cannot read without walking about.

Great difficulty in going to sleep owing to creepy feeling in limbs.─Sleep disturbed by pains.─Wandering dreams.─Waking in perspiration at night.




  1. George M., 40 w/ stomach cancer. ok, I understand now, it is Mother Tincture. Thank you both.


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