Opuntia vulgaris Homeopathy

Two kinds of “Prickly pear” have been proved─ Opuntia vulgaris and Opuntia alba spina.

Burdick took one or two deep inhalations of the tincture of the flowers of the former. J. H. Fitch (who proved many of the Cactaceæ) took ten drops of the tincture of the second. The bulk of the symptoms of the proving are Fitch’s; but the most peculiar symptom (which has also been verified) is Burdick’s: “Nausea extending from stomach down into bowels, with sensation as if diarrhœa would set in.” Also “feeling as if bowels had settled down into lower abdomen.” Fitch had actual diarrhœa. All the urinary and genital symptoms were his except “Bloody urine,” which is an effect of O. vulg., but not Burdick’s. Coldness was observed by both provers. The peculiar mental symptoms recalling the swearing tendency of Anac., are Fitch’s. Sticking and pricking pains predominate, also numbness and tension.


Aberrations of mind; not entirely conscious of it.─Blasphemous mood.─Alternately busy and wanting to pray.─Alternately praying and swearing; fit of rage on thwarting of plans.─Petulant; irritable; vindictive.─Omits and transposes letters in writing.

Tensive feeling in brain.─Sensation as if head transfixed with a lance.

Pain in globe of r. eye.─Burning smarting in margin of lids, with feeling of contractions in line of lashes.

L. nostril bleeds on picking; a little blood and watery mucus.

Pale face.

Bites inside of (r.) cheek on chewing.─Teeth sensitive.─Tea tasting insipid.─Saliva in mouth.

Much mucus rises from throat.─Throat feels sore, afternoon; choked or pinching feeling round top of larynx.─Shuddering on swallowing.

Poor appetite for breakfast.─Went without dinner.─Nausea extending from stomach down into bowels, with sensation as if diarrhœa would set in.─Nausea with dull, heavy pain in stomach, with feeling as if cramps would set in.─Alternate nausea of stomach and bowels.

Bloated abdomen.─Pain through spleen and heart.─Sensation as if contents of bowels in lower abdomen were very acrid; oppression at chest.─Oppression of chest > by a single heaving respiration.─Cold shudders right through chest.

Sticking pains through heart.

Pain in muscles of neck, l. side anteriorly, 12.25 p.m., later of r. side anteriorly below ear; pain and ache in both sides below ears, coming and going.

Pain in proximal ends of first and second metacarpal bones of l. hand.─Pain in l. arm, just below elbow, palmar aspect.

After kneeling or resting on lower limbs they become numb, with tingling and pricking.─Pain: in muscles of inner side of l. leg; head of fibula; r. little toe.


Eruption of pimples on neck and behind l. ear, bleeding easily.

At night dream of women.

Cold, chilly.─Cold feet; very chilly in the cold room; coldness of body.

Reference: A Dictionary of Practical Materia Medica. J. H. Clarke





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