What comes to mind when you think of Onosmodium?

  • Raven Dawn

    sensation of walking on pillows,

  • Drsamreen Iftikhar

    Women problem after children sexual disease

  • Ruby Yasmin

    Erase sex in women

  • Rose Humphreys

    eye pain… and I have used this remedy many times–

  • Meerub Jafri

    Fredy Cesar men also but in prectis i use mostly women with exilent result…

  • Apna Afzal

    mostly for sex diseas

  • Fredy Cesar

    Headaches from eyestrain . sexual weakness. lost sexual life in women.

  • Meerub Jafri

    Exesive sexual desire escialy in womens…

  • Anja Schmidt

    Pain in eyeballs, extending to left temple, eyes heavy and dull,
    migraine, headache from eyestrain, sexual neurasthenia.

  • Matt Zorn

    Eye troubles. More specifics can be seen in the repertory.

  • Anjum Hanif

    onosmodium i think it was used by dr in 1M

  • DrAbuzar Mughal

    Female sexual debiliti

  • Beena Chhatpar

    Muscular pain around hips and around anus.