Homeopathic remedy for Hernia

For those who are experiencing pain, in an old HERNIA or in a very recent case, NUX VOMICA 3CH may help.
Dr. S. Philip Clements.




  1. Nox will help with bowel movement and therefore help with hernia – but it does eventually need repair

  2. The Nux Vomica Type
    Appearance: Slim, especially when young. Smart appearance. May look stressed and tense. Ages prematurely. May have dark circles under eyes. Face becomes flushed when angry or excited.
    Mental and emotional aspects: Can suffer from addictions and overindulgence. May have cravings for alcohol, coffee, cigarettes. Can be addicted to sex. Finds it difficult to relax. Can be very ambitious. Impatient. Intolerant of imperfection in others. Failure is the worst thing that can happen.
    Physical weaknesses: Digestive disorders from hangovers and overindulgence. Migraines and headaches. Hernia and hay fever. Feels better after sleep.
    Dietary factors: Likes fatty and rich food, cheese and cream, alcohol, coffee and spicy foods. Dislikes the effects of some spicy food even though they like eating them.
    The Nux Vomica child: Irritable and easily bored. May be prone to Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. May have temper tantrums. Competitive as a teenager. Because they like to be rebellious they may become addicted to drugs or alcohol.
    The Nux Vomica type may become dependant on drugs or alcohol.
    — with type-nuxvomica.

  3. Nux may help?this we can say abt other remedies as well…
    If not sure is it will be a tip?


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