Nux Vomica

Nux vomica

What comes to mind when you think of NUX VOMICA?

  • Ahmad Knight

    Sounds like you are advertising this product for your gain. You sound like a commercial.

  • Noman Awan

    respected wise men and women my grandson age 3 years very inteligent one but misbehaving aggressive and stubborn. he is pd 6 child. he is being raised with love and affection. his brhavior is very irritating. please advise me rther suggest me what homeopathic medicine will suite him to cure his anger and stubbornness. and please tell me what medicine is good for him to treat his pd6 condition

  • Dr-sarah Bukhari

    I never knew the use of nux in tooth pain. Thx

  • Nathalie Hooge

    i used to give it to my daughter

  • Mohsin Mansuri

    Want to live sedentary life ,sex indulgence, night watchers,high life ,purely sycotic miasm

  • Suhana Qureshi

    Furious anger smartness man of action

  • Purshotam Behl

    Constipation colic insomnia

  • Zain Munir

    Agreed claudia you are right but would like to say that it is know as male medcine like bella donna is known as female medicin

  • Shahid Perwaiz

    Kia is k use se smoking khatam ho jaegi.dose kia hoga

  • Syeda Farhana Bukhari

    The 1st thing comes ..stomach problm creatd by hoteling..spicy foods nd alchohal

  • Aninda Sarkar

    Only one thing Ineffectual desire not only for stool but from vomitting to every mental condition.
    Just give a Thursday nk about it.

  • Rubeena Khan

    Sedentry life with in digestion

  • Tineke van der Werff

    I’ll have to get my sister some nux vom.

  • Rajkumar Raj

    Great Sedentary medicine.

  • Claudia Cummings

    Nux vom. when you take this remedy, you don’t have road rage any more. With Nux vom you are just first all the time. In everything you do…with peak performance. Brings out the best in you, so you can be who you wanna be, even if it is merely something simple.

  • Claudia Cummings

    ugghh. It is also for strong warrior women, not just for men. pfft. Children too. If more children & women took nux vom, it can only be a good thing & make them stronger.

  • Claudia Cummings

    Lesley Maley, that is probably because you once did puke after having too many chocolate bars hahaaa…just playing. Nevertheless Nux vom is the remedy which empowers you to stop when you have had enough. It enables one to have something because we wanted it, which is so different to needing it , or for the sak eof just pigging out. lol

  • Claudia Cummings

    However you wish to take it Sunil Maheshwari . Nux vom is a force to be reckoned with…lol…brilliant remedy every one should take. I so love Nux vom.

  • Judith de Jong

    Fraud based on placebo effect.

  • Harbans Dhawan

    It’s a versatile policrest in homeopathy, as practitioners, you can give Nux to the patient when you aren’t sure whats the right remedy. Sometimes it does the trick.

  • Bhupendra Khurana

    Slightest contradiction aggravates. However the degreee of anger is softerthan Aurum Met. Ineffectual desire for defeacation.

  • Jagminder Chopra

    For cold constipation pile

  • Miriam Chant

    A homeopathic that helps to stop you throwing up

  • Sanjeev Batra

    Colic due to food poisoning , weak digestion

  • Sanjeev Batra

    Very important medicine
    Best for digetion , habit of alchohlisum , vomiting

  • Iqbal Mehmood

    irritable,Ugly, Time passes too slowly,Sullen,good mental work

  • Kuldip Singh

    Very effective for the muscular cramps…

  • Rm Saksena

    If one fails to select medicine gv Nux

  • DrLokesh Singh Kalyanwat

    So many nephrolithiasis cases better by only one symptom which is very indicated that ineffectual urging for stool nd urine during pain

  • Muhammad Akhtar

    It is for stomach problems

  • Tanima Bhattacharyya

    Relief from pain……

  • Mitch Miranda-Fabella

    Hangover!! Gone in 5 mins!! 🙂

  • Nirmala Bhatnagar

    Indignation n anger

  • Hafsa Begum

    Mental labour, unsatisfactory stool, late night sleepy, side effect of other drug, irritable,coating on back of the tongue……….

  • James Anthony Baxter

    Overindulgence in stimulants coffee alcohol cigarettes

  • Jenny Darling

    The only thing that helped my son sleep when he had colic as a baby. Thank you God for nux vomica!!!!!

  • Victoria Zambaras

    RELIEF! From upset stomach due to overeating or drinking. Works really well!

  • Sunil Maheshwari

    Wow, I am suffering from few of the problems on your list especially alcohol addiction and lack of or no sleep. How I should take it? Please help.

  • Staci Blakeley-Sanders

    this is how my body actually survived college.

  • Kat Field

    Excessive eating and drinking

  • Kristen Santangelo Homeopathy

    Love nux!! Love the other posts. Over indulgence, remove harm from allopathic, got hangover–> get nux! Anger, Irritable, Workaholic, Compulsive and Competative. Neat and tidy– Fastidious. Impatient. Chilly! Cramping and cramping pains. Craves stimulants, alcohol and spicy foods. Reduce cravings for alcohol and drugs. Insomnia wakes 3-4 due to thoughts of work . Constipation, PMS, cystitis, heartburn, indigestion, influenza, kidney stones and other kidney issues, colic, hemorrhoids when the indications fit…. and so much more order now for the low potency of 30c, your spouse, kids and co-workers will thank you!!!! LOL

  • Pooja Sandeep Sawant

    Wealth, woman, wine !!!

  • Mihaela Calinescu Mikhaela

    Feeling sleepy after eating