Nux vomica
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The Arabians first introduced Nux Vomica as a medicinal agent. Serapion describes the bean of the Strychnos St. Ignatii as Nux Vomica, and it is probable that his Nux Mechil is the Nux Vomica of the moderns. Gerarde says :
” Avicen and Serapio make Nux Vomica and Nux Methel to be one, whereabout there hath beene much cavilling; yet the case is plaine, if the text be true that the thorne apple {Datura Stramonium) is Nux Methel. Avicen affirmeth the Vomiting Nut to be of a poisonous qualitie, cold in the fourth
degree, having a stupefying nature, and bringeth deadly sleep.”

He goes on to state : ” Of the phisical vertues of the Vomiting Nuts, we thinke it not necessarie to write, because the danger is great, and not to be given inwardly, but mixed with other compositions, and that verie curiously by the hands of a faithfull apothecarie.”

According to Dr. Christison, it has been used as a medicine from time immemorial, by the natives of Hindostan. Formerly, owing probably to its poisonous effects, Nux Vomica was very sparingly employed as an internal remedy.

Dr. Woodville {Med. Bot., 1794) says : ” In Britain, where physicians seem to observe the rule saltern non nocere more strictly than in many other countries, the Nux Vomica has been rarely, if ever, employed as a medicine.

On the Continent, however, and especially in Germany, they have certainly been guided more by the axiom ‘ what is incapable of doing much harm is equally unable to do much good.’ The truth of this remark was lately very fully exemplified by the practice of Baron Stoerck, and is further illustrated by the medicinal character given of Nux Vomica, which, from the time of Gesner that of modern date, has been recommended by a succession of authors as an antidote to the plague, as a febrifuge, as a vermifuge, as a remedy in mania, hypochondria, hysteria, rheumatism,
gout, and canine madness.

” In Sweden it has of late years been successfully used in dysentery ; but Bergius, who tried its effects in this disease, says that it suppressed the flux in twelve hours, which after 47 wards returned again. A woman, who took a scruple of this drug night and morning, two successive days, is said to have been seized with convulsions and vertigo. Notwithstanding which, the dysenteric symptoms returned, and the disorder was cured by other medicines ; but a pain in the stomach, the effect of the Nux Vomica, continued afterwards for a long time.

Loureiro recommends it as a valuable internal medicine in fluor albus; for which purpose, he roasts it till it becomes perfectly black and friable, which renders its medicinal use safe without impairing its efficacy.”

Preparation: Hahnemann orders the seeds to be reduced to a fine powder, in a marble mortar, and fifty grains to be mixed with one thousand
drops of alcohol, then to be placed aside in a cool place for a week ; of this, one drop is to be mixed with five hundred drops of alcohol, and this constitutes the second attenuation; then dilute, as previously ordered, to the thirtieth attenuation.




  1. One of the most important remedies! What a gift from nature 🙂

  2. होमियोपैथिक दवा तो बहुत पहले से वजुद में हैं लेकिन ओझा फकीर की दवा बनकर रह गया। एलोपैथ जितना कम समय में विकास किया होमियोपैथिक नहीं कर पाया । ये एलोपैथ की तरह विकास कर सकता था।

  3. My daughter has crones disease she suffers with bloated stomach pains cramps & it’s affecting her joints too.. Is this good for her? Doctors wanted to give her steroids but she refused.

  4. Its a really a very good remedy for those who works a lot day&night to achiece their succeess

  5. I agree but homeopathy is a natural way of healing .
    In problem like indigestion etc. , I prefer natural way but if you have complex hereditary disease, homeopathy is best solution .

  6. As per my understanding , it helps if you have digestion problem , acidity , gastric etc.

  7. Nux vom200 evening and sulpher 200 morning is best treatment for permanent cure of piles

  8. It is a multipurpose ( polycrest) remedy. Though it termed as male remedy, it works well together for all. Even I can say it was much abused remedy. Many homeopaths starts treatment with this remedy.

  9. साँस चढ़ने के क्या क्या कारण हो सकते है
    फेफड़ों से रिलेटेड रोग
    फेफड़ों और brokile tubes में सूजन
    सिगरेट बीडी पीना
    दिल की बीमारी
    रक्त में hb कम होना
    बदलता मौसम
    छाती में दर्द
    लगातार कफ हो
    अस्थमा डोरा अक्सर 2 बजे के बाद पड़ता है
    मेरे तजरबा है सुबह 4 शाम 4
    रोगी को कफ सख्त बदबूदार डोरिदार निकले
    साँस लेते टाईम ज़्यादा जोर लगने पर चेहरा लाल हो जाता है
    ठंडी जगह पर या कसरत करने पर या तेज गर्मी में शरीर के अंदर खींचाव
    साँस लेने के साथ रीढ़ के पास त्वचा का खिंचाव
    फ़िर भी लक्षण इससे अलग भी हो सकते है
    आपका हितैषी
    राजिंदर चौहान
    आयुर्वेदिक ऊप्वैद

  10. Great medicine for indigestion, gastritis, especially for sedentary life patients.

  11. I am not very prolific in homeopathy, does anyone know, can Nux Vomica be a constitutional remedy? It is one of my absolute most favorite and best working remedies!

  12. Nux V and Sulphur, both are natural leaders but not on the top for so long 🙂


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