No Side Effects!


The Beauty of Homeopathy

When the physician has discovered all the observable symptoms of the disease that exist, he has discovered the disease itself, he has attained the complete conception of it requisite to enable him to effect a cure.

Samuel Hahnemann




  1. I do believe that you can suffer from side effects. Me and my partner suffered from severe side effects when we took Belladonna. My Homeopath gave me to take Belladonna in a higher doses. I developed strong breathing problems, my heart felt like I am going to have an heart attack any moment. It was very frightened. My partner had for almost 24 hours strong chest pain, and I gave him only 1 dose C30 !!. The sad thing is that he is now too frightened to take any homeopatic medicine, which is so frustrating.

  2. Homeopathy, will be the way of the world when allopathy has run its course. Symptomatic treatments are not effective as a way to healing disease. They just mask the symptoms. True healing comes from arresting and overcoming the CAUSE of the illness, rather than the symptom.
    It’s so logical, I don’t understand why only a minority get it at this time.

  3. Homeopathy is a bliss for who have tried all forms of medicine but got cured by homeopathy iam one of them

  4. There IS side effect, to be more exact, ‘aggravation’ if not master the philosophy of Homeopathy. But it wont be permanent.


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