How Natural Remedies Can Help You Get To Sleep


How Natural Remedies Can Help You Get To Sleep

A good sleep is a doorway to a healthier lifestyle and a better mood. The concept of getting eight hours of sleep is true. Missing sleep can create many health issues and leave you feeling groggy throughout the day. Thousands of people suffer from insomnia and find it difficult to get any sleep. Unfortunately, many other sleep disorders threaten to deprive many individuals of sleep. A medical professional may recommend a new diet, exercise or medication to help you reach your sleep goals. However, there are a few all natural products that can help you get the sleep you crave.

What Are The Causes Of Sleep Disorders

Many factors can hinder your sleep. Researchers suggest that stress can create insomnia and other health-related issues that stop many individuals from getting rest. In fact, what you drink before you go to bed can create an overactive bladder and cause those late night bathroom trips that can keep you up. A glass of water is almost always likely to require a late-night trip to the restroom. In contrast, an empty stomach can stop you from getting the proper amount of sleep. Try eating a snack along with avoiding spicy food items that can also irritate the bladder.

You can also hinder your sleep with to much exercise that’s designed to increase your heart rate, boost your blood flow, and raise your body temperature. You should always avoid exercise within hours of trying to get some sleep. Your exercise should be creating the right stress hormones to promote sleep and not disturb it. Unfortunately, the television is another factor that will keep you up at night. Experts say the light and sound from the television act as a sleep stimulant that can affect your circadian brain waves.

Top 5 Organic Sleep Products


Ironically, essential oils don’t require you to take anything to sleep. You can simply use oils like Roman Chamomile and Ylang Ylang to create an all natural remedy for sleep. Aromatherapy has active ingredients from many plants that can help you relax and easily fall asunder.

What Are You Sleeping On?

The mattress that you’re sleeping on could very well be keeping you awake at night. Your mattress should match the contours of your body to help you stay well rested. Throughout your lifetime, you will spend 1/3 of it sleeping, say sleep experts. Buying an adjustable bed is also a great investment for your unique sleep pattern. If you are wandering around your home in the night, maybe a sleeper chair would help with your sleep problems.

Limit Your Caffeine

You should always avoid caffeine after 2:00 p.m. by monitoring your daily intake. Caffeine is used to keep you awake and can be a roadblock for getting your sleep. A late night cup of coffee can very well keep you up at night.

Control The Temperature In Your Bedroom

A bedroom that has a temperature or 65 degrees is just right to help you get to sleep. Your room should always stay cool to promote a good sleep. Ironically, heat interferes with your sleep by causing you to feel exhausted and creating sweat. Monitoring your temperatures will also keep your sheets and pillows dry to help you feel more relaxed.

What Are You Eating?


Can’t sleep? A banana is a great fruit that contains potassium that acts as a muscle relaxant to help you get to sleep. Try eating a banana about 30 minutes before you go to bed for the night. Bananas also contain amino acids that will help aid in getting to sleep.


A small container of yogurt can work wonders for anyone trying to get some rest. Yogurt contains tryptophan and melatonin that will help you get to sleep. Try eating a small cup of yogurt an hour before bed to help with insomnia. Banana yogurt will act as an extra boost in getting to sleep.

You can also read a book, reduce your alcohol intake, and minimize the work-related issues you bring home to get to sleep. A professional can offer you the many organic remedies that will help you achieve your goals of rest. There are many online resources that will suggest ways to get rest. Sleep is very important for a healthy lifestyle.