Phosphate of Sodium – Nat-phos for conditions arising from excess of
LACTIC ACID often resulting of too much sour milk, yogurt, cheese, and sugar Sourness and acidity then are physical keynotes.
Formula Na2HPO4 12HaO it is prepared neutralizing orthophosphoric
acid with carbonate of sodium or made from bone ash.
this salt found contained in the bood cells of the muscles and nerves
has a chemical exchange rate with carbonic ,phosphoric and lactic acid.
and it is an excess of lactic that gives rise to many of diseased states conected
to this remedy. Reduces uric acid build up in joints, stiff muscles and
joints. Afinity with duodenum, bile ducts and mesenteric glands, poor
nutrition diabetes, gout, catarrh, blisters and sores, rheumatism, and
tightness of muscles and tendons. Yellow discharges, jaundice, creamy
coating at mouth and tongue, genital discharges female (yellow).
Mentally on the Natrum side you have the closed reserved dutiful, intelligent
sad but sensitive and sympathetic holding on the past and on the Phos.
side you have the need to communicate, sympathetic, restless and
fearful state. One side needs to go foward the other backward, so there is
an entrapment of two kind a need of liberty and to scape.
Abcent minded, absorted, buried in thoughts, aversion to company,
ailments from bad nervs discouraged and displeased, suspicious, time
hurried and impatient inclination to sit an say nothing.
Sees and hears things, and certainly sour in their relationship with others.
Easily startled and weeping tearful mood.
Weakness and confusion with forgetfullness along with sadness anxiety and
fears plus an indifferent state emerges on Nat-phos serving to emulcify fatty
acid so good in dyspeptic conditions < fat. Infants suffering from excess lactic acid from overfeeding with milk and sugar. Prevents inspissation of the bile and mocus crystalization of cholesterin in the gall duct and will thus remove the cause of may jaundice, hepatic colic, bilious headache, imperfect assimilation of fats from lack of bile. Beatrizhh 10-3-11




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