Natrum mur

A complete picture of Natrum mur will be: Excitement is always followed by melancholy, anxiety, fluttering at the heart; limbs go to sleep, with “crawling,” is noted also in the lips and tongue; limbs heavy, especially in anaemic girls, whose faces are yellow, skin dry and shriveled, and menses scanty or checked. Mental emotions cause such weakness that one or more limbs are useless.

Natrum muriaticum or Chloride of Sodium may be considered first in its physiological relations.It enters into every tissue of the body, even into the enamel of the teeth.

It is regarded as a stimulant to the various tissues into which it enters. It exists in quite considerable quantities in the various humors of the eye, particularly in the aqueous humor and crystalline lens, and also in the vitreous humor. It has been said that its function here is to preserve the transparency of the respective tissues.

Natrum mur. acts on the mucous membranes. We find it indicated in catarrhs with mucous secretion abnormal in quantity rather than in quality. This hypersecretion of mucus is accompanied by paroxysms of sneezing. Fluent alternates with dry coryza. Every exposure to fresh air gives the patient cold. The wings of the nose are apt to be sore and sensitive. There is almost always in the Natrum mur. catarrh loss of smell, and in the acute, frequently loss of taste. Natrum mur. is one of the best remedies for hawking of mucus from the throat in the morning, when the symptoms call for no other remedy.

The tonsils are often very red. The uvula is elongated, probably from relaxation of its muscles. There is a constant feeling as of a plug in the throat and the patient chokes easily when swallowing. The tongue is coated in insular patches. The cough arises from the accumulation of clear mucus in the posterior nares, pharynx and larynx. Of course, there is hoarseness. Another form of cough calling for Natrum mur.

We shall frequently find Natrum mur. indicated when the blood is impoverished. The nutrition of the whole system, therefore, suffers.
We find it indicated in anaemia, particularly in anaemia provoked by loss of fluids, hence often with women who suffer from menstrual disease and with men who suffer from loss of semen. It is quite likely that the prolonged use of salt meat is a common cause of scurvy. In these cases the
mouth becomes sore, ulcers form on the tongue and on the gums, and the breath has a foetid odor. The tongue presents a mapped appear-
ance, a symptom we also find in other remedies, as Arsenicum, Rhus tox., Kali bichromicum and Taraxacum.

The patient feels greatly exhausted from any little exertion of mind or body. On
account of the anaemia we have the circulation readily excited, so that every little exertion produces throbbing all over the body. The pa-
tient suffers frequently from palpitation of the heart, and this, too, is excited by every motion and every strange or sudden noise.

Natrum mur patients are sad and tearful. The patient seems to be made worse by any attempt at condolence. Consolation may even make her
angry. This tearful condition is accompanied by palpitation of the heart and intermittent pulse.

The Nat mur patient becomes angry at every little trifle. He stores up in his mind every little real or imaginary offence. He wakes up at night with palpitation of the heart and cannot go to sleep again, because past unpleasant events occupy his mind.

Intellectual ability is impaired. He becomes disinclined for mental work; makes mistakes, as if confused; has loss of memory; study aggravates.
Backache relieved by lying on something hard; small of back pains, as if broken; clumsy speech; joints weak, especially the ankles, worse in the mornings.

The Natrum mur. patient frequently suffers too from uterine displacements. She has quite characteristically prolapsus uteri, which is induced particularly when she gets up in the morning. The symptom reads, ‘ ‘ When she gets up in the morning, she must sit down to prevent prolapsus.” Backache and morning aggravation are symptoms which will aid you in the selection of Natrum mur.

Natrum mur. produces a headache, worse from any use of the mind. In the morning on awaking, there is throbbing, mostly in the forehead, as if from many little hammers beating in the head. This, too, is worse from any use of the mind. The pain is so severe at times as to make the patient almost maniacal. With this kind of headache, the tongue is dry and almost clings to the roof of the mouth, although it may look moist when put out. There is great thirst. The pulse is almost always intermittent.




  1. Jajaja natrium Mur más cimicifuga como les la primera si se usa CH28en ayunas y al.acostarse Y la cimicifuga antes de los alimentos

  2. Tambié recomienda en casos de alergias o en esta etapa de otoño con el apis

  3. any defiency of this cell salt causes a disturbance of the water in the human body organism bcuz it has lost that element w/c renders it to fit to perform its task. excessive dryness of mucous membraine & discharging a wafery fluid

  4. Soon become rich and wealthy and full of resources greedy about wealth not for health psyphilis as well plz any remedy

  5. Vani Vani Rao ila Ila Donga read the comments. If not the entire post.

  6. Sirve mucho para mujeres con cambios en su estado mental.acompañado de.centrífuga y mentalmente para cuando hay penas.viejas que olvidan

  7. Have seen magic with this remedy. The remedy you need in a relationship where you are walking on egg shells with your partner.high potency. It will stop a cold at its inception when nose starts to run. It will help to defuse past anger I have given it in conjunction with ignatia grief there are two stages the first is disappointment which comes with tears and and great sighing or yawning which I have experienced the change in a matter of minutes with ignatia..the second is anger, why me which is answered by Nat mur

  8. Read Catherine Coulter for a mental state covering it well concomitants read kent

  9. This was the remedy that proved to my husband that homeopathy is not voodoo hocus pocus. He was originally prescribed it for stress. James is a perfect English gent bottling up his feelings and putting an air of control but this then overflows into the purchasing of “boy toys” to try and feel happy. He had got some good results initally and it settled the impulse buys when he felt stressed or down. After the initial settling of symptoms he did not take it for about 6 months. With the lead up to Christmas he was very busy, and yes the tension was mounting. One Friday night he came home cranky, stomping about, not wanting to be near the kids and planning a weekend at the tool shop and other “boy toy” venues. I asked when he had last taken his remedy and in his glum cranky tone “I don’t know and nothing is going to make me feel any better, I just want to do what I want to do” Yes, I gave him a dose (he is compliant for most things no matter how cranky) and asked immediately how he felt. I have had too many immediate results in the past to remedies of all sorts, so had to ask within seconds. He grumped off into the kitchen and about 4min later he spun around from the refrigerator with a beaming smile from ear to ear and stood an extra foot taller. I smiled back and asked him how he felt. He giggled the answer back ” Great, wow I feel really great” and with that he bounced about on a definate high, planning his weekend with me and the kids and no tool shop even on the horizon of thought. Thanks Nat Mur, you’re the best!


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