Proved by Hahnemann ,Hydrochloric acid is a clear, colorless solution of hydrogen chloride (HCl) in water. It is a
highly corrosive, strong mineral acid with many industrial
uses. Hydrochloric acid is found naturally in gastric acid.
Historically called muriatic acid, and spirits of salt,
hydrochloric acid was produced from vitriol (sulfuric acid)
and common salt. It first appeared during the Renaissance,
and then it was used by chemists such as Glauber,
Priestley and Davy in their scientific research.
Burt W.H., Physiologinal Materia Medica, has four special
centers of action I. Mucous Membranes, inflammation,
ulceration, II. Skin, vesicular and papular eruption, does not
tolerate even touch of clothing, and putrid ulceration,
III. Blood, Septic, alkalinity, diminished IV, Glandular system (salivary), salivation dry mouth.
Acts especially upon that part of the ganglionic nervous
system that presides over the gastro-intestinal canal,
and the blood
Affects particularly the mouth and anus, also the genito
urinary organs, and skin, its action upon the cerebro-
spinal system is through sympathy from the great
irritation of the ganglionic centers.
Swelling and redness of the toes., piles suddenly, in
children, the hemorrhoidal tumors are inflamed, swollen,
bluish, with swelling of anal region, sore pains, violent
stitches, and great sensitiveness to contact, even the
sheets, prolapsus recti while urinating.
Very sad ans silent during the menses, as if she
would die, menses too early and too profuse, with
extremely sore hemorrhoids, which sometimes itch
terribly, uterine ulceration, putrid discharge, very
sensitive, and attended with a great sense of
weakness. Leucorrhea, with exceeding soreness
of the anus, either from piles or fissure.
this acid diffuses itself into the blood with more rapidity
than any of the acids, rendering the alkaline blood acid
and producing a septic condition similar to that found
in malignant asthenic fevers, with high temperature
and great prostration of the vital force.
In the glandular system this acid increases secretions
in massive doses, producing congestion, inflammation,
and destructive ulceration with chronic diarrhea.
Involuntary stool, profuse diarrhea, green slimy, painful
anus very sensitive, with or without hemorrhoids with
violent itch not relieved by scratching.}
Red urine, frequent and scanty, in asthenic fevers
Acne in forehead, painful, putrid ulcers, burn at
circumference, blood boils, black pocks, petechiae,
Malignant eruptive fevers, copious night sweats
Agg. forenoon, open cold air, stormy, damp weather and
from exertion, amel. lying down and evening.
Allied remedies, Ars, Bry, Lyc, Mez.

Beatriz Hernández Hill, Beatriz H Hill




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