MOSCHUS (Moschus Moschiferus)
a tincture is made of the dried preputial secretion of the
musk ox. a stimulant of Nervous system and sexual organs.
Allen T.F., Hand Book of Materia Medica
Trembling of whole body, with general sweat with bruised sensation and rapid pulse convulsions equilibrium lost, circulation accelerated Blackwook A.L. Diseased of the Kidneys and Nervous system Materia Medica Indicated in cases of hysteria and hysterical paroxysms with great anxiety and palpitation of the heart.

Great inclination to scold. Talks continually of her
approaching death. There are hysterical paroxysms
with fainting turns succeeded by headache, great dryness
of the mouth, copious colorless urine and great
tendency to involuntary stools.
Buck H. The Outlines of Materia Medica
Violent sexual desire, with intolerable titillation in the
genital organs
Nervous suffocative constriction of the chest (Hughes)
The sight of food makes her sick.
Eructations with hot saliva, eructations garlic taste.
Diabetes, profuse urination, great thirst, emaciation
perfect loss of sexual desire, and sugar in the urine JAYoung.
This remedy has made some good cures of diabetes, and
spasmodic hiccough it is splendid.




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