The benefits of drinking tea are well known.

Recent comprehensive research, on coffee , conducted in US National Cancer Research Institute, Rockville, concluded that drinking four cups of regular caffeine coffee may be associated with reduced risk of cancer, while tea had no such effects !

Other studies report coffee lowers risks of skin cancer , Alzheimer’s and dementia. When blood caffeine levels were above 1200 ng /dl , no patient developed Alzheimer’s as per studies.





  1. Dear doctor in my practise I have seen a lot of patients. But one of them was who used to take about two litres of tea every night. But he is suffering from severe heart problems and an attack of heart. What may be the possible reason.

  2. There is so much vagueness. These are areas to be researched instead of parroting Homeopathy
    works, Homeopathy works. There is similar ideas about Onions and Garlic, cooked it’s ok, raw it’s not. Why? Allicin is destroyed in cooking alright, but not completely.

  3. It’s because coffee can neutralise the effects of the remedy which is very sensitive to strong odours especially, ie coffee, camphor, mint, and should be avoided only while the remedy is being taken and for a few days after. it’s not necessary for you to give it up completely though if you enjoy it.

  4. I find this very interesting. However, my homeopath ased me not to drink coffee for a month after taking a constitutional remedy. This I did, but now I don’t drink it ‘just in case’. Any other opinions on this?


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