Quicksilver, the element, black oxide Hahnemann’s soluble mercury.
As thermometers are made with mercury so is the patient sensible to cold or warm, when changing from one to another, temperatures from hot weather to cold, windy weather, etc.a syphilitic remedy indicated in bone diseases, pains worse at night, glandular swellings, with or without suppuration,ptyalism, profuse, fetid, metallic-tasting saliva.Dysentery, stools slimy, bloody, colic, fainting, great tenesmus during and after, followed by chilliness and a cannot finish sensation, Salivation wets the pillow in sleep.  Mammae painful, as if they would ulcerate, at every menstrual period, milk in breast instead of the menses.

cough, dry, fatiguing, racking in two paroxysms, worse nights, with utter impossibility of lying on right side.
Leucorrhea acrid, burning, itching, with rawness, worse at night.
Ulcers appear on the gums, tongue, throat, inside the cheek with salivation, irregular n shape, undefined edges, have a dirty,
unhealthy look. lardaceous base surrounded with a dark
halo, apt. to run together.
the syphilitic ulcers are circular, attack the posterior parts
of the mouth, have well defined edges, surrounded with a
coppery hue, and they do not extend from their primary seat.
Follows Hepar and Lachesis well, but should not be given
before or after silicea.
slow in answering questions.
weak memory, constant anxiety and apprehension.
decay of the teeth, they become loose in succession.
Gums spongy and bleeding, tongue black with red edges.
tongue red, swollen, coated, showing the impress of the teeth
upon the margins, bad odor from mouth, violent stomatitis,
stools, dark green, bilious, frothy, watery and colorless, watery,
with greenish scum floating on the surface of the water.
Trembling of the hands, and feet, unable to write,
sensation of coldness, has to wear a heavy overcoat, even
in hot summer, profuse sweat on every motion.
profuse, fatty and oily perspiration at night.
profuse offensive perspiration, soaking through the bedclothes,
the linen was stained saffron yellow and could not be
removed by washing
for syphilitic ophthalmia, markedly aggravated from the glare
and heat of fire. Blepharitis from working in and about fires.
lids thickened at tarsal edges, with thin, acrid muco-pus
discharge and little pimples over the cheeks.
Superficial ulcers on the cornea with an opaque look as though
pus were between corneal layers. syphilitic iritis when there is
Inflammation of the glands with emaciation in scrofulous and
syphilitic sub maxillary, axillary and parotid glands.
also comes good in afte belladona and Rhus tox.
Very efficacious in syphilitic buboes at the stage of suppuration.
Merc. Iod. when the bubo has become indolent. with little or no pain, no tendency to suppuration or to heal.
Enlarged and indurated liver, worse lying right side
Merc s indicated for itching of the anus with continuous greediness for eating, all the while becoming steadily weaker, and have
fetid breath, in girls, inflammation of vulva from seat and
round worms.
Coated tongue, loss of appetite, causes, with oppression and
epigastric tenderness, a deadly faintness from pressure in the pit
of stomach. Tenderness over both hypochondria, with fullness and
upward pressure from the abdomen, and sensitiveness to the
clothing. chronic constipation with chilliness during defecation.
the patient is hypochondriacal, suspicious, anxious, and
restless at night, with vascular erethism and sweat.
Ascarides creep out of anus, and can be seen on the perineum a
and buttocks, even at night in bed, lumbricoides escape
easily and freely, the abdomen is hard and distended.
Merc, very restless, is constantly changing from place to place,
hates, great anxiety of mind, and dread, indifference to
everything does not even cares, dissatisfied, ill humored.
ALL DISCHARGES are fetid, nose, ears, eyes, etc.
cough and expectoration in the day, none at night.
arthritic pain worse at night, softening of the bones, caries,
inflammation, prickling, tearing bones, affections of shoulder
blades, shin bones, ones of the leg.
skin exanthema burning, pick shaped of scarlet color.
swelling milliary eruptions purulent, ulcerating, ecchymosis,
forming black and blue spots, erysipelas. sphacelus,
tetters in general, burning, suppurating, ulcers in general.
Male sex affections of penis, glans, and prepuce
female leucorrhea in general as concomitant, itching
and burning of the genital organs, relieved by washing with
cold water.
Merc. andtidotes, belladona, China, Hepar, Sulphur, and where
there ahs been an overdosing Merc. High potensy.
Remedies following Arsenicuam, Asaf, bell, calc, lycop, phos, pulsa, rhus tox, sepia, silic, sulphur.
for ILH Beatriz Hernández Hill, Beatriz H Hil




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