The patient gets a metallic taste in the mouth, a disagreeable smell in the nose, a painless, audible rumbling in the bowels, an earthy complexion,
a pinched nose, blue rings round the eyes, pales leaden-coloured lips, an uninterrupted or frequently recurring shuddering (always getting stronger) that thrills deeply, even into the interior of the body. His pulse becomes small, hard and very rapid ; there is an inclination to
vomit, or at least nausea at everything, especially at animal diet, but chiefly a very violent headache of a tearing and pressive character,
which sometimes rages without intermission in the occiput or over the root of the nose.

The nose, ears, hands and feet are cold. The thirst is inconsiderable, the bowels constipated, great sleeplessness, the short dreams of a fearful character, accompanied by frequent slight perspirations. The weakness is extreme, as also the restlessness and anxious oppression which the patient thinks he never before felt anything like.

The eyes become sparkling as if full of water, the nose is as if stuffed from catarrh ; the muscles of the neck are somewhat stiff, as from
rheumatism ; the back of the tongue is whitish. At this period the patient experiences, if all goes on well, some discomfort in swallowing.
a shooting pain in the root of the tongue, on both sides of the mouth a looseness or setting on edge of the teeth (the gums recede a little
towards the root of the teeth, become somewhat spongy, red, painful, swollen) ; there is a moderate swelling of the tonsils and sub-maxillary glands, and a peculiar rancid odour from the mouth, without the occurrence, however, of a notable increase in the secretion of saliva,
and without diarrhoea or immoderate perspiration.

Four days seems to be the usual favourable period of duration of a fever of this sort, and its best crisis consists only in the permanent disappearance of every venereal symptom and the complete extirpation of the miasm.

This picture is taken from an exquisite case of very severe mercurial fever.

  • Sidhu Baldevsingh

    Merc sal is very good medicine

  • Bharat Bhushan Sharma

    Merc Sol is best remedy for syphilies history aggravation during sleep/heat of bed

  • Anjum Hanif

    What do you mean by metallic taste what will it call in urdu

  • Isabelle Dfb

    So what is the name of the remedy?

  • Sam Brown

    What a stroke of genius

  • Margaret Poole Voogt

    All the first symptoms without fever are typical forerunners of migranes. Then comes the visual disturbance and sturdy speech

  • Susann Laverie

    My grown daughter had an illness a couple years ago that was cured by mercury. The Sx were very similar to most of these reported. It started as a cough and common flu. Here then homeopathy Rx’d several remedies that didn’t work to clear here out and get her well. She continued to get worse. She decided to stop using the homeopath who got frustrated with her case and stopped returning her calls. My daughter asked me to take her case and said I always get it right. (Patting self on shoulder and grinning sheepishly). I remembered that about 4 weeks before growing ill she moved to a new house in the the process of doing so, knocked over a lamp with a florescent bulb that broke, spewing mercury vapors throughout the house. I took her case, which lined up with Merc sol and that combined with my memory of the broken bulb convinced me to give the remedy. two doses cured completely after being deathly ill for a month.

  • Rose Humphreys

    also for after affect of amalgam fillings removal from teeth

  • Ramkrishna Bhattacharjee

    Any treatment about ca overy. At present ascities at abdoman, lung.. kly provide valuable advice…

  • Shivi Mehra

    Profuse perspiration, chillness in evening ,night ,alternate flashes of heat

  • Anja Schmidt

    Salivary secretions greatly increased, whole mouth is moist, but dryness of throat with mucus leads to a constant desire to swallow, stitches into ear on swallowing. Speech difficult.