The importance of Mental Symptoms and Dreams in Homeopathic consultation

Mental symptoms

Why ask mental symptoms and dreams when complaints are physical?

In the past, I had a patient who came to me for widespread skin problem. She came and showed the patches and asked for a prescription. She had been to 2-3 homoeopaths but was not healed. Although I explained her my method of case taking, was not very co-operative in giving out details.

This confusion is not uncommon in patients. They may feel that the doctor is not paying attention to his chief complaint and rather going on asking irrelevant details. It may actually feel as if you have gone for a tooth extraction and doctor insists on examining the arthritis you have!

While there are many who verbalise their confusion, some of them show their displeasure over the follow ups. These are the patients who take time to respond due to their own reservation in giving out details. I rather blame myself for it as a failure to convey importance of the procedure that we do to come to a right diagnosis.

I need to go back to historian time when Dr. Hahnemann discovered law of similars, he realised that when the medicinal substances are given looking at the local complaints then they do give relief but it fails at stopping the recurrence of the complaints.  Dr. Bonninghausan  who was his student observed that if a patient has more than one complaint although the clinical diagnosis of the two may be completely different they have common sensation which is common to ‘that’ patient.

Dr. J T Kent another sincere worker of his time experimented with more and more dilute doses of medicine and he observed that the medicines also have an effect on mind producing symptoms so in reciprocation if person having similar mental attribute if given that medicine then it tends to not only work surely but also helps in eliminating the tendency towards that disease.

Modern homoeopathy is grateful to these stalwarts. All the further enhancements are based on these 3 theories.

In homoeopathy an individual is seen as single unit inclusive of mind and body which require healing. With todays technological advancements unanimously it has been concluded that medicine works on the higher centers of brain which in turn help in correcting the deficit in whatever physiological functions of body which finally help in healing.

10 years back when I treated leprosy and recurrent intestinal obstruction etc my method of asking question was different. I asked patients more directly. When a 8 month old infant is brought to me with a IV line on but not responding to antibiotics, my case taking has to be modified and indirect. Today when I treat a complication surfaced due to wrongly putting stroids drops for conjunctival redness in a glaucoma patients my case taking has modified with time.

Only thing that remains common in all these cases is the data I collect. In all the cases I treat I take into account the chief complaint, illnesses that a patient suffered in past, likes and dislike of a person to food, water, weather and natural elements, patients’ personality, dreams and subconcious.

There are of course exceptions where this method does not work but more or less majority of the cases this becomes the first line of Treatment.

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