I am so afraid to Die: I will die exactly one year from today.

What’s the Remedy?




  1. It’s aconite because he has fear of death n also predicting the time of death this is the most peculiar symptom which indicate aconite..

  2. Stock up your first aid homeopathic kit before its made illegal everywhere, first aid kit.
    Aconite – Used after emotional fright and distress after strong emotions. Best at beginning of ailment. Worse 9pm-midnight. Sudden onset of fever, from becoming chilled or fright. Chills.
    Arnica – Helps shock after physical trauma such as bruises, blows, injury, concussion and surgery. Pains are bruised, sore, restless and aching. Relieves injuries of soft muscle tissue.
    Apis – bee stings
    Arsenicum – Food poisoning, vomiting and diarrhea with burning pains. Better for heat. Weakness and tiredness. May be very cold. Will be anxious, fearful and irritable. First aid for asthma when they are worse at midnight, restless and anxious.
    Belladonna – Burning hot red face. Sudden onset of fever worse at 3pm/am. Sore throat. Dilated pupils, hallucinations and nightmares with fever. Wants to be covered. Good to help relieve sunburn.
    Calendula – mild scrapes and grazes. Will heal the wound very fast, do make sure it is clean!
    Causticum – burns
    Cantharis – general remedy for urinary infections, take at first sign of one.
    Chamomilla – May be used for colic and pain while teething, child may have one red cheek and be very irritable.
    Ferrum phos – great for warding off early signs that you might be coming down with a cold. Normally great tiredness will accompany.
    Gelsemium – Great flu remedy, for shivering and weakness. Very tired, eyelids and limbs heavy. Worse at 10am.
    Hypericum – Relieves pain in areas that are injured and nerve rich e.g. falling on the tailbone, cut fingers, cut lips. Helps to prevent infection. Insect bites that are itchy and puncture wounds.
    Ignatia – sudden grief and disappointment.
    Nux vomica – unsettled tummies after rich food or drink.
    Pulsatilla – colds with bland discharge. Children who are teary and clinging especially when unwell.
    Rhus tox – sprains and strains especially when worse on first movement.

  3. ironically it says “error accessing database” much like mental state today ….

  4. Aconite napellus
    predict the time and date to die ,fear of death ,call the doctor immediately


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