Disturbed sleep and Homeopathy

I feel that I would lose consciousness when I fall asleep, and when I do, I dream that I am walking up and down rooms. An impending fear that something unpleasant will happen.

  • Christine Chmielewski
  • Christine Chmielewski

    I LOVE HOMEOPATHY – Thanks to you!!!… I am very keen to study Roberts’Repertory which I never looked into 🙂


    The reference is taken from H. A. Roberts – Sensations as if > Reversed Repertory > Agaricus. Thank you Christine Chmielewski for being a fan!

  • Christine Chmielewski

    @I love homeopathy” i should be very grateful to you if you could answer my question (see above!) – Thanks

  • Oneda Paris

    I get similar dreams…always a fear!

  • Rose Humphreys

    I gave agaricus 3x to my dog after the initial remedies he got following a stroke. He kept losing his balance, and kept turning in circles…

  • Christine Chmielewski

    I should be very grateful to you if you could give us the main rubrics of the repertorization leading to “AGARICUS”. I am not really in the picture, I feel! I am very keen to follow your thoughts in choosing this remedy. Thanks in advance. 🙂


    The remedy is AGARICUS

  • Hafeezullah Khan

    Insomnia of young girl-Ign

  • DrGajendra Magarde

    Kali phos 6

  • Dhanesh Jayasimhan

    Fear of accident sleep during
    Dreams of accident