Mary Aspinwall

From an early age I had extremely poor health. By the time I was 19 years old I was very, very ill and despite lots of conventional treatment and invasive testing, I was just becoming weaker and weaker, sicker and sicker. At the time I was living in London and a dear friend of mine called Fred said: “You’ve got to go and see Dr. Dave.” I’d had, by that time, more than my fill of doctors and specialists, so I was pretty skeptical.

“What’s so special about Dr. Dave?” I asked Fred.

“He’s a Homeopath,” Fred said

“A what-ee-o-path?”

“You mean you’ve never heard of Homeopathy?” Fred said.

Shaking his head at my ignorance, Fred brought me up to speed. I decided to take a chance on Dr. Dave, because surely Fred knew more about the world than I, he was 24 after all!

Anyway, long story short. I went to see the wonderful Dr. David Curtin at his office in North London. I remember the whole scene vividly to this day. There was a student from Africa there, sitting in with him as part of his studies.

Dr. Dave asked some pretty odd things and the session was lengthy. Next he asked me to open my mouth and dropped a small white pill into it and asked me to let it dissolve under my tongue. He gave me two small packets of pills with instructions written on them.

Things did not go as I’d hoped at first. All my symptoms got much, much worse. I felt like a 90 year old woman. I could hardly walk. This lasted for about a week, during which time Fred and I had words…”What on earth have you gotten me into?”

Then something phenomenal and totally unexpected happened, all my ghastly symptoms disappeared, my energy returned and I felt on top of the world. Better than at any time in my life. I remember thinking this is crazy. Crazy good!! How come everyone doesn’t know about this? If I had only known about this I could have avoided the disgusting antibiotics, having radioactive dye pushed around my body, skipped the endless tests and x-rays.

How could one sweet little pill work this miracle? My awe only increased when I stayed well for three full months on that one little pill. When I noticed some symptoms returning, I did as Dr. Dave had told me and took another pill from one of the packets he had given me. Low and behold it worked again. I remember thinking one day I’m going to train to be a homeopath and about a dozen year later the time was right and I did. The rest, as they say, is History!!

I studied at the College of Homeopathy in London in the early 1990s and had some excellent teachers including Tony Hurley, Mike Bridger and Linda Razzell. Linda was wonderful and I spent one year as her apprentice and practice manager, which was a huge gift and really helped me get started. Then I studied with Jeremy Sherr in Dynamis School, London and was a Salmon prover. I continue to study and love to learn new approaches.

Studying with Jeremy Sherr was like “coming home” for me. He is an amazing scholar who can quote the Organon chapter and verse, but more than that he makes it really come alive. He talks of potentizing his students and that was certainly true for me, twenty years ago.

Jeremy is a big picture thinker and he helped me to make all sorts of inter-connections in my mind. I started to think “holistically” in the most profound sense of the word. It fully dawned on me that everything is one. Provings are also a very effective tool for not just having a sense of this intellectually, but to deeply experience it. Dynamis students do a full Hahnemanian proving in their second year.

Camilla Sherr was in the Salmon group with me and we became really good friends. The work she and Jeremy have been doing in Africa, for the past six years, is truly inspiring to me. It is walking the talk of “we are one.” For those of you who don’t know of their work in Tanzania I’d highly recommend this video . It is breath-taking! Please also consider donating a small amount to support them each month.

I would you like to see homeopathy grow Fast! When I was a student I designed a range of homeopathy kits that became best sellers and Helios very kindly took over production of them. My motivation for doing this was to prove concept to as many people as quickly as possible. When people self-prescribe or are given the correct first aid of acute remedy the effects are undeniable. Like me, after my visit to Dr Dave, they become instant converts to homeopathy and often will go on to have constitutional care that can be profoundly life changing.

In my practice I am testing out a few new ideas for helping people with very simple problems. My aim is to get great word of mouth for homeopathy. I have just finished creating a new site called Remedy Seeker
. It’s a free online remedy finder. I also offer a free online homeopathy course for beginners and a very detailed free e-book. I do free homeopathy Q&A on social media (
I have also designed a series of email forms with questions that people can send to me. Here is an example of one .The forms take people about ten minutes to complete and the prompts I give help them to give me all the relevant information I need. Their responses go to a very secure encrypted account that only I can access and see. I then reply with remedy suggestions. It’s a low cost service and people really appreciate it. The other thing I offer is a weekly community Drop In Clinic at my office in Santa Barbara. This is all in addition to seeing clients with chronic or serious complaints who need constitutional care.
I’m hoping to encourage other homeopaths to offer similar low cost first aid and acute services. Homeopathy enjoyed a great resurgence in Latin America because the homeopaths there offered accessible and affordable options in their neighborhoods. I’d love to see that happen worldwide. I’d also love to see homeopaths be generous with their expertise on social media or in public. Very often you will just know a remedy off the top of your head in simple situations. It may only take you a minute to say“Check out this remedy, it may help.” Yet that could change the course of a person’s life and make them a life-long fan of homeopathy – and you…




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