Dr. Martin Gumpert (1897-1955)

Martin Gumpert

Please meet Dr. Martin Gumpert (1897-1955), a German physician, Homeopath researcher and author. He worked as a medical consultant to the Times magazine, and taught as a professor at the New York Homeopathic Medical college.

Martin wrote a book about Dr. Hahnemann, titled Hahnemann: the Adventurous Career of a Medical Rebel. His other famous books are The Anatomy of Happiness , You and Your Doctor.

The following quote is from his book: Hahnemann could only wait for the moment, as inevitable as the Day of Judgement, which would see him revealed as the apostle of a pure and true doctrine of medicine.

In the picture, courtesy of LIFE magazine, Dr. Gumpert is shown sitting on the far left side of the table.

Thank you Dr. Martin Gumpert, and rest in peace!




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