The Main Tips of Writing an Essay

write an essay

Learn quickly and effectively how to write an essay – a text that has a firm structure and offers a reflection on some non-trivial problems.
How to Gather the Material for an Essay?

A student essay is a text that offers a reflection on some non-trivial problems. Essays offer an individual position of the author and a written statement of their own thoughts.
In order to write good essays, you should read books with a pencil in your hands. If you are interested in any idea or thought, it can be underlined or written down to your copybook. Do not forget to read other good essays which you can easily find on The same material can be taken from newspapers, magazines, websites etc.  If you use quotations in your essay, you should specify who they belong to.

When talking about writing an essay in general, it is better that you:

  • Follow the structure of the text;
  • Express your thoughts on the proposed topic;
  • Gather examples from literature, other types of art, history, etc.;
  • Use these examples to analyze the problem and convincing arguments, rather than retelling the content of the books or the course of historical events;
  • Do not just work out the material, but understand it asdeeply as you can, identifying the main and the minor aspects;
  • Integrate (generalize) the main points of several sources, which, as a result of the thoughts expressed in several works, should sound fuller and more convincing in your text
  • Have a wide selection of illustrative materials;
  • Compare the views of different authors and do not forget to express your own opinion.

In an essay, as in any text, internal logic should be traced. An essay is not a novel in no way, and you should remember about this. Sudden jumping from one idea to another should be avoided, the thought should be revealed in a consistent manner.

The beginning of the essay is formed as a result of critical reflection of a particular thesis. This may be the original aphorism or proverbor your personal opinion, an assessment of the fact, the event, the act. After choosing a topic for search, search for it yourself. Do not just agree or refute someone’s opinion, but continue, complete it. In agreement or denial, it is essentially important to find some arguments.
An essay mainly consists of an in-depth analysis, impossible without paradoxical decisions, searching for examples from publications, fiction, and experience of one’s own life.

How NOT to write an essay 

Here are some absolute taboos for an essay writer:

DO NOT write about anything that does not support your opinion.
Do not be afraid to start from the beginning, the work that has already been written does not answer the question of an essay.
DO NOT try to frighten all of the extraordinary vocabularies.
DO NOT use a common set of banal phrases and allegations.
Do not exaggerate.
DO NOT work on simple sentences.
Do NOT overestimate the power of your own biography: it is not a good idea to insert it into all your essays.
DO NOT use quotes without the author’s name.
Do not give your work to the teacher without having checked it.

Read and practice as more as it is possible – and you will become a real pro in writing essays!