Magnesium phosphoricum crystals

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Magnesium phosphoricum is one of the most important of Schüssler’s original additions to the materia medica. It has had a very fine proving in the potencies, conducted by H. C. Allen (Med. Adv., xxxiii. 386-415), but I will first give Schüssler’s own account:

Phosphate of Magnesia is contained in─blood-corpuscles, muscles, brain, spinal marrow, nerves, teeth. Disturbance of its molecules results in─pains, cramps, paralysis. The pains are─shooting like lightning, or boring; often combined with or alternating with a sensation of constriction; at times wandering; >by warmth; >by pressure; by hot drinks, by bending double, by pressing on abdomen with the hand, sometimes accompanied with watery diarrhœa. Spasms of various kinds─of glottis, whooping-cough, lockjaw, cramps of calves, hiccough, tetanus, chorea, spasmodic retention of urine, &c. In caseous tuberculosis and lupus Mag. p. has a place. When the cells near the caseous masses are too weak to expel them, it is because they are deficient in Mag. p., and Mag. p. given medicinally will enable them to do it.─

This sketch of Schüssler’s is confirmed in every point by Allen’s proving, and by the clinical use of Mag. p. in the highest attenuations. Moreover, there is a very strong family resemblance between these features and those of Mag. c. and Mag. m. But it is only right to say that Schüssler arrived at them by a way of his own, which shows that there are other means besides provings of finding the keynote symptoms of remedies. Allen adds to the above that the pains rapidly change place; that cramping is the most characteristic type of the Mag. p. pains. Dread of cold air; of uncovering; of touching the affected part; of moving; of cold washing.

It is best adapted to: thin, emaciated persons of a highly nervous organisation, of dark complexion; to affections on the right side of the body; to complaints from standing in cold water; complaints of dentition; headaches of school children; professional neuroses (e.g., writer’s cramp); after-effect of catheterism.

Nash says Mag. p. is in the first rank as a pain remedy, and it has all kinds of pain (though cramping pain is the most characteristic) except burning pain, and this distinguishes it from Ars., since both have >from heat.

Allen’s proving brought out canker sores in mouth, sore lips, and cracked lips. A patient of mine who suffered intensely from cracks at the corners of the lips found nothing relieve so well as Mag. p., and it did it best in the ix strength. Higher were tried.

Hering says it is suited to: Young and very strong persons; teething children. Allen says that though it is best adapted to emaciated persons, it acts promptly in stout, fleshy persons when well indicated. The attacks (of pain, &c.) are often attended with great prostration, and sometimes with profuse sweat. “Languid, tired, exhausted; unable to sit up.” Mag. p. is more often called for in men than Mag. c., but the indication, “worn-out women,” answers for both. The affections of Mag. p. are often periodic.

I cured with Mag. p. 6x a very severe attack of chorea in a girl of six. The spasms were general, but they affected the speech to such an extent that she could not make herself intelligible. Rappaz, of Montevideo (quoted H. M., xxix. 178) cured with Mag. p. a young man of 17 of cerebral meningitis which began with violent pain and inflammation in left eye, with terrific pains in head and delirium and intense fever. He was at first treated allopathically, without success. When Rappaz first saw him he was hemiplegic, with frequent and alarming convulsions, crying out violently, involuntary passage of fæces and urine; dilated pupils, dropped jaw, escape of saliva, speech and comprehension difficult. Under Mag. p. 6x in water general improvement set in. Later the 12x was given, and in two months he was well. W. T. Ord cured Miss G., 48, of pain in back extending down right sciatic nerve and up spine, following influenza, with Mag. p. 3x, 5-gr. doses. The pains were shifting, > by rest, by heat. The symptoms are By: HEAT; WARMTH; PRESSURE; BENDING DOUBLE (the italics and capitals are H. C. Allen’s). .




  1. I am a registered homoeopath.but from my college life when I studied homoeopathy I have been using the tissue salts.and gradually I totally got entered into my last 8years of practice life I am using the tissue salts so frequently.I found in asthama attack, massive heart attack.cerebral stroke ,glandular infections, any painful congestive disorder along with other tissue salts mag phos is so dynamic and prompt in I use the tissue remedies in all kind of heath problems whether it is physical disorder or mental matter the cure and development are very satisfactory.I think we need a wide range of resurch works regarding the tissue salts as Dr.borick, Dr,kaali,Dr.Tylor,Dr.Kent have told about that more work what we called drug proving is needed I n this sector.

  2. Alumina 200 and Bryonia 200 will help you to get relief.Take plenty of fruits and drink hot water for good health.

  3. Es excelente en.dolores muy fuertes haciendo crisis por una hora cada 10minutos 10gotas bajo lengua sin no cede el.dolor vamos a la segunda hora cada 29minutos gracias

  4. Look at the CHC website for a qualified Homeopath in your area. You will need a case take as this sounds like a constitutional issue that cannot be recommended on a site like this Good luck!

  5. I used a 30c on my rabbit when he would get upset and then colic. I’ve useda 200c as well in dire situations with him.

  6. nevralgies ; dentaire.. intercostale couplèe avec hypericum ranonculus bulb..;reminèralisant en schussler

  7. Please recommend homeo ttherapy for hard stool, no urge, stool passes in small hard pieces, bloating, sour tongue, joint pain.

  8. This remedy has been a BIG help for me. Instead of being on meds for the rest of my life for bladder spasms due to extensive surgery mag phos has healed me completely!

  9. Date 10 02 16

    Dear Dr,

    I am reading your articles with keen interest. It is very useful. I have tremors in my fingers and sometimes it becomes severe when I start writing. It is not all the time. Please advise me whether I can take Mag. P 6X. 


    Rajavel K


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