Schuesslers salts for Neuralgia

Schuessler’s salts for Neuralgia

The chief remedy for all neuralgic pains, when watery conditions are absent and heat relieves; intense, darting, excruciating or spasmodic
pains; pains better in the warm room and aggravated in the cold air.

Case Study
Neuralgia Following Influenza.

A gentleman suffered with neuralgia, following an attack of la grippe. The pains were located in the eyes and forehead. He had suffered with them for two weeks; they came on daily about 1 o’clock p. m. and disappeared about 6 o’clock p. m.
He said: “This pain is so severe it nearly sets me crazy when at its worst.”
Very restless at night.

Magnesia phos. , 3x. , and Kali phos. , 6x, alternately every hour, gave immediate relief.
Slept much better that night; next day just a slight trace of pain, and the second day none at all.

(J. H. King, M. D.)

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