Aide Memoire

Aide memoire for Magnesium muriaticum

M: Mentals: aversion to quarrels, peace maker, passivity, cannot cope with life. Depression.

A: Arms go to sleep, when waking in the morning. Anxiety at night in bed, anxiety on lying, on closing eyes, worse reading, evening or supper, menses.

G: Generally worse from lying (anxiety, headache, colic, diarrhoea),worse from touch but better from hard pressure. Generally worse at sea (ars, mur ac, tub, nat mur, sep) worse in the morning on waking. Great sensitiveness to noise (phos, theridion, nux vom).Gushes of leucorrhoea following colic in the abdomen.

N: Neuralgic pains in the face, worse by damp weather, slightest drafts of cold air, better by pressure and heat.

E: Evil effects of sea bathing. Especially adopted to women with long history of indigestion and uterine diseases. Enlarged liver with bloating of abdomen and yellow tongue. Eructations tasting like rotten eggs or onions. (Arn, ant tart, graph, psor).Eruptions on face and forehead worse before menses.

S: Smell and taste lost, following catarrh. Stools knotty, like sheep dung, crumbling at the verge of anus. Sensitivity to noise. Sleep preferably on left side due to right sided affections, which are worse on lying on the right side.

I: Intolerance to milk, causes stomach pains and it passes undigested.

U: Unfriendly humor. Useful particularly for puny, rachitic children who crave sweets.

M: Menstrual dischage profuse dark pitch like with cramps, backache, pains in thighs and indigestion.

M: Metrorrhagia worse at night in bed causing hysteria. Much excited at menses periods.

U: Unbearable tooth ache when food touches the teeth.

R: Right sided affections with liver involvement, aggravates on lying right side, better by hard pressure.

I: Indifference to pleasure, indolence and aversion to work, introspection. Indisposed to talk hence taciturn and desire to be silent.

A: Abdominal pain or diarrhoea worse by milk, fruits and fat. Aggravation while sitting.

T: Tremendously unrefreshed on waking, toxic feeling with dullness of mind, needs much longer time to feel awake. Tendency to sweat in the head (calc, sil, sani)

I: Inactivity of rectum and bladder, expulsive power wanting.

C: Chill even near a stove, but ameliorated open air. Constipation at sea (bryo, plat) Continual rising of white froth in the mouth. Congenital scrotal hernia. Constipation in infants during dentition. Cardiac pains and palpitations while sitting, better by moving around (gels) Craves: vegetables, fruits, salads and sweets.

U: uterine spasms extending to thighs. Urethra numb, in the dark one cannot tell whether urine is passing or not.

M: Must use abdominal muscles to enable him to micturate as bladder can only be emptied by straining and pressure and urine can be passed only by drops (clem, hep s)

Compilation by: Vydyanath S,




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