Magic Pills by Ananda More

Ananda More


I started making this film out of a concern for how little information the general public was getting in regards to the evidence base for homeopathy. I was frustrated with mainstream media’s one-sided coverage and decided to do something about it. The film started out as a journey to find scientific and large-scale evidence out in the world. As the journey progressed she became aware of how extensive the systemic suppression of homeopathy had become, and how the media and skeptic groups wrongfully discredit scientists and homeopaths.

I am working with an award winning film-maker, Igal Hecht, who has made over 50 documentaries and 3 television series dealing with difficult topics such as genocide, eating disorders, Native American rights and the Middle East. Together we have launched a crowdfunding campaign in order to raise the needed funds to finish the film.

I have almost finished production, and is getting ready to start post-production. I need financing for animation, music composition, color correction, legal fees, web design, attending film festivals to promote the film and more. My plan is to finish by December 2016 in time to submit to major film festivals for 2017.

My goal is not only to make a film that will be see by millions, but to grow a larger public movement advocating for options in health care. She plans to do this through social media campaigns, webisode online series, and an educational and community building online portal that is accessible to the general public.

I am reaching out so we can help build the momentum to not only get this film made, but also get this film widely distributed. If we can show that there is a demand for this film in terms of facebook followers, newsletter sign ups, and people willing to contribute, the more willing networks and major distributors will be willing to purchase and promote the film.

Join the movement and help get this film up on screens around the world!

Here is the link to the website





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