Borland D.M. Children’s types Group I, lethargic.
The Licopodium children they seem to lack assurance but
give the impression that basically they have a fairly good
opinion of themselves.
they are liable to digestive upsets, and although they have
good appetites and often eat more than the average, they
are not putting on weight, they are thin, thin skin, grown
a little, their abdomens may be rather enlarged but there
are no enlarged palpable mesenteric glands, and they have
desire for sweet things, they prefer hot food. they get
headaches from overwork at school, and it is a dull type
of the headache. They are still chilly but much more
sensitive to stuffiness than any of the types we have yet considered. These children tend to be bullies,
Pachero has said that all human beings go through
various stages of physical and intellectual development,
and their psychological needs fluctuate between the
desire for dependence, support and protection, and the
desire for success and independence through self-
assertion and competition with other people.
Lycopodium gives us the most perfect image of this
constitutional duality, one which is shared by the whole
human race, and which is responsible for all manner
of mental anxieties, physical disease and pathology.
Bernad, the great French constitutional homeopath says:
Generally tall and thin, even emaciated, with a wrinkled old
face and worried expression, dark hair, shining eyes,
similar to phosphoric type in his hypersensitivity, quick
intelligence, artistic taste and refined intellect.
out of proportion to the rest of him, this is lycopodium’s
centre of pathology,
Attitude: The stern demeanor, the harsh and imperious
tone, the frowning expression. He stands with his arms
folded over his stomach until suddenly leans back, flaps
his nostrils as if in need of air, and then holds forth to the
persons he is speaking to. at their physical level have
liver malfunctioning.
MENTAL KEY: lack of self confidence, happy with brilliant
mind, often happy. smiles, nice, clever, LOVES JUSTICE
and TRUTH, but changes mood easily.
His feelings of inferiority affect him on all levels physical and
mental and provoke in him feelings of aggression which are
only held in check by his astuteness, the two being in
constant conflict with each other, he likes to show that he is
better than any one, for him the world is a big battle field
and his goal is to win power, he fears being put aside,
unable to reach his destination. Hi is coward, suppresses
anger with silent grief will come with diarrhea,
these children are abusive to their parents, have disturbed
behaviors, their obstinate determination to be independent
they become disobedient and inclined to contradict everything.
This is the remedy for MOTHERS IN LAW who put their noses
into everybody’s business and expect their children to follow
their instructions to the letter, and over protective parents
who bring heir children up under the shadow of their own
insecurities and their own fear of what may happen.
business managers who do not tolerate the slightest
objection to his orders, despotism, dictatorial.
for ILH Beatriz H Hill, Medicina Homeopatica Behhill




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