LYCOPODIUM is a master remedy in Infantile Eczema.
Dr. Leon Renard.

  • Dibyans Devan Das

    It is a wanderful blessing of homeopathy 2 mankind, make u perfect

  • Krystal Crawford

    Interesting! But makes sense, considering this is a GI remedy and addressing the gut will help in skin conditions.

  • Nittur Guruprasad

    90% it can. 10% based on other symptoms

  • Nassrin Fey

    Read about Focus

  • Charanjit Mehra

    ager post hindi main karen to apki abhari hungi

  • Nadia Zeeshan

    Plz tell me the medicine which increase matabolic rate nd for weight loss my weihht is 120 kg and

  • Rajkumar Raj

    Very good remedy for right sided complaints.

  • Patti Slamon Breen

    Annmarie Breen Rinehults let’s try