• Mohammed Ibrahim

    Really. ..amazing remedy

  • Geeta Dash

    Amezing medicine for peptic ulcer

  • Raman Dhaliwal

    Amazing remedy !!

  • Tina-marie Cooney

    My son is on this remedy

  • Homöopathie

    Eating too much sweets, the best remedy.

  • Shaik Osman

    Lycop is good remedy. For sexual weak ness. Take high power.

  • ManSoor TaRiq

    yup best remedy for kidneys … 😀

  • Punithavathy Ramakrishnan

    For an old man who marries an young lady.

  • Merche García Romero

    Yo soy Lycopodium

  • Sanjeet Kumar Lic

    prolaps of,diptheria,diarrhoea,enteric fever,haemorrhoides,hemiopia,heart trouble,mouth and tongue affection,typhoid,act on right sided,abdomen enlarge, etc.

  • Faridul Islam

    a few month back as I became flatulent, I observed my craving for sweet increase considerably. So I took Lyco- 30 just two doses and within a few every thing turned normal.

  • Karla López Hernández

    Vanity is a principal think

  • Krystal Crawford

    I am lycopodium currently. It is very interesting! 🙂

  • Ganesh Nagare

    Very useful information, thanks