Lycopodium patient is another cross one, hateful, cranky, stubborn and averse to the doctor. He is specially irritable on first awaking, and nearly always shows some sort of automatic act somewhere.

It may at first be only a faint but regular motion of thealae nasi, which will soon become more distinct, or some other rhythmic act will appear as the sickness advances. You older men know how often this will be present in certain forms of tubercular meningitis, and how then Lycopodium makes a glorious record and cures the case; but you must not be afraid of repeating even a very high potency every time the improvement slackens.

As most of you know, this symptom also points to either Phosphorus or Lycopodiumin pneumonia. Here the two remedies compete sharply for the preference.

Reference: C. M. Boger




  1. Lyco patient is thin lack of vital heat and is best remedy for impotency /kidney affections /failures of digestive power

  2. Sickly Lycopodium babies cry all day,sleep at night,reverse of Jalapa.Emaciated,prematurely old looking and sleeping with eyes half open.The children often cry before urination.

  3. Chilď look like a prematurely old man with constioation associatedwith malnutition . Child full of gass passing flatus relieves


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